At Ethereal Decor, we manufacture and sell our crystal chains alone, however, our passion is for designing and fabricating complete crystal installations. We have served many thousands of customers over the past 17 years since we have been in business.

Our standard crystal chains are often purchased alone for do it yourself event and wedding decorations, crystal centerpieces, backdrops, chandeliers, room dividers, window coverings, and more.

However, we also custom manufacture architectural crystal decorations and entire installations for home, jewelry stores, boutiques, hotels, casinos, department stores, theaters, trade shows and more.

Our products have been purchased and used in all of the above projects and venues including at the Holy Land Experience Theme Park Theater in Orlando, Florida. We would be more than happy to help calculate the footage needed for your project. We have helped thousands of brides, event planners, interior decorators, lighting designers, store owners and homeowners bring their Swarovski crystal fantasies to life.

You may purchase most of our Swarovski Crystal and Ethereal Crystal chains in 1' lengths, 1 yard lengths and in custom lengths. We manufacture them in 14mm, 16mm, 20mm and 24mm to suit most needs. Call us today at 877-484-4675