Click Play button in Video Below (30 second video)

Click Play button in Video Above (30 second video)

All of the sparkle you see on the crystal trees and crystal tree set shown is real. 
See more of the amazing tree in the video, along with details,  further down the page.

DIGI-flower-pedestal-rose-hy-crystal-450w.jpgRustic Flower Pedestal Tree Centerpiece Project

This simple tree we made using one approximately 2' tall Rustic Brown  Flower Pedestals

We simply took one of the floral stands and set it up (takes about 2 minutes).

We took some floral foam, sold in floral supply stores and craft stores and covered it with preserved hydrangea nad natural preserved roses.

Once you have the piece of floral foam completely covered with flowers, being careful to insert them in a rounded shape, we sat the arrangement on top of the pedestal.

To finish it off, we hung some of our fine glass crystals.

This pedestal can also be purchased with insertable branches which can also be cut shorter on the branch-less end, using bolt cutters and then re-inserted into the top dish of the flower pedestal.  Here it is shown without the branches.

Hanging candle holders are hanging from the small branches on the trunk of the tree-like flower riser. These can also be removed all together.  If you like this unique flower riser, simply click on the picture to find out more or to purchase. It comes in Rustic Brown, but is paintable any color, including silver, gold, platinum, Tiffany Blue, candy pink, winter white ... you name it. 

flower riser with crystals and hydrangeaFlower Pedestals Add Height and are Versatile

Our new tree-like
flower pedestal risers make lovely topiary-like tree centerpieces with hanging crystals.

Shown at left, one of our Rustic Brown pedestals with twisted trunk and vine-like foot, is shown with some of our crystals attached.

On top is a simple, but very formal shaped jade green hydrangea arrangement.  Combined with the fine crystals, a simple arrangement becomes amazing.

This is the same pedestal riser shown without the 3 branches that can be inserted around the top plate. We sell this flower riser with and without the branches

Holds Silk or Fresh Flowers or Pillar Candle & Candle Ring

Use them in natural Rustic Brown with almost any flowers or spray paint them custom colors suit your taste.  These are designed with an attachment beneath to hand our fine Swarovski or Ethereal crystal chains or even hanging candle holders, also available here on our website.
Our new Ethereal Flower Pedestals have been re-designed to provide better hanging points beneath the top plate.  It is much neater, easier and secure.

Hang on some of our metal hanging candle holders with glass cups from beneath the plate if you wish. It adds more illumintion for our crystals. 

Buy metal flower arrangement riser pedestal with or without hanging crystalsThe same stand comes with additional "top branches" which can be inserted all around the perimeter of such a beautiful floral arrangement.  Use the branches to drape crystals in swags from side to side or to hang crystals staggered and straight down. 

The Swarovski  chains are all the same 1' foot lenght, but we think it looks more interesting if you hang some long and some shorter. Add a teardrop on the ends of some of the strands. 

Shown above, our floral pedestal or flower stand has the metal  foot or base wrapped or covered with beautiful fabric that matched the event decor.

You don't have to cover the foot or base, but Dupioni silk is amazing. Organza also works well.

We have also experiminted with inexpensive chair sashes or table runners which cost little and wrap easily. Sprinkle some 14mm swarovski crystal octagons around the wrapped base and place a few table votive candles.  Perfect.

This arrangement shows one of our flower pedestal risers decorated with a European Style Floral Arrangement.

The floral stand itself with twisted metal trunk pole is shown painted Gold and is decorated with our 1' foot Swarovski crystal chains hanging from beneath the flowers.
The little side branches on our Rustic Brown flower pedestal can be permanently taken  off for a clean trunk with no branches if desired.

Keep in mind however, that if you take them off the trunk, it is permanent unless you have them welded back on.  The top plate branches (if you purchase it with them) can be removed (taken out) and put back on again and again.

Double (Top & Bottom) or Single (Top Only) Floral Arrangements

Place a floral arrangement only on the top plate or incorporate another arrangement around the base covering the vine like foot as well. These are a perfect height at nearly 2' feet tall, placing your floral arrangment above the line of view of guests at the table.  You can also get the pedestal with branches coming from the top plate (not shown).  To purchase our new Ethereal floral stands, click on the picture above or on the
Ethereal Flower Pedestals link in the left navigation bar.

flower riser with branches and hanging crystalsShown here, the same tree-like flower pedestal which comes in a natural Rustic Brown is shown with an arrangement of preserved Japanese hydrangea and preserved roses (available from Ethereal Decor).
From beneath the plate you can hang either our Swarovski crystals or our high quality Ethereal brand crystals.

In this picture, the pedestal also has also incorporated some of our hanging candle holders which are simply hanging from the small side branches which are attached to the trunk / pole. 

The same arrangement would looks more stunning with our Swarovski crystals.

Loose crystal teardrops or balls can also be hung from the ends of the crystal chains or from beneath the top plate, without the crystal chains for a differant look.

By placing additional flowers atop the foot or base of the flower pedestal, you can create a two level arrangement. 

Available with Branches or Without

This is a very versatile flower pedestal. Shown here with 6 branches coming from the top dish, around the perimeter of the floral centerpiece.

The metal branches are bendable to create differant looks. In this photo, we used all 6 branches, bent slightly upward.  Bend some up and some down or remove 3 branches, for a fullness of branches  that is only half as dense.

Branches can be removed, cut on the end (with common bolt cutters from the hardware store) and replaced in the flower riser.  

Cutting the ends shortens the branches and  brings the branches in  closer to the arrangement if you prefer.

For more information, options and prices, simply click on either of the photographs or on the Ethereal Flower Pedestal link in the left navigation bar to go there now.

These tree-like flower pedestals look amazing with orchid arrangements. Place an arrangement on top and hang loose blooms from monofilament chord, hung from the branches. It creates an appearance of blooms falling from the tree or floating in mid air beneath the branches.

Another idea is to attach flowering branches to the metal branches only and in the center of the top dish, place a pillar candle and glass shade or glass pillar candle sleave with a ring of flowers around the glass shade.

You may also be able to place on top,  a low glass cylinder, filled with water and submersed orchids inside the cylinder. Hang crystals from the branches.  The possibilities are endless.

centerpiece metal tree with red orchids and fine hanging crystalsMetal Candle Tree & Dendrobiums Project

Consider decorating suitable metal trees for event decor.  We suggest a  tree that is strong enough to hold up the weight of crystal ropes and one that is at least 2.5' tall - 4' tall.  

Smaller sizes such as 3' are excellent, especially  if the host plans to give the trees as gifts after the event. 

For giving the trees away afterwards to special guests such as bridesmaids, these smaller, 3' foot tall trees are great. They are tall enough to not obstruct the view across the table and are also  more practical for this purpose.  

If you are interested in this exact metal tree in natural brown to use as is or to spray paint gold or another color, click on the picture or on the "metal  trees link" in the left navigation bar.

These trees are available without hanging crystals and do not come with flowers. Crystals can be purchased separately.

On the beaded 3' metal tree shown here, it is decorated with simple dendrobium orchid bloom and is then hung with about 3 meters of our fine crystals and finished with 3 of our 38mm crystal teardrops.  You can hang less or more, depending upon your taste or budget.  For the most sparkle, go with our fine Swarovski crsystals.

Orchids of most types are very hardy flowers. This means they survive well out of water. Most varieties can be cut from their stem a day or two before the event and still look fabulously fresh throughout the event. On this tree, we simply tucked them into the branches. You could also attach them with a ball of U-Glu or glue dots or attach them by simply pushing a short 1" to 2" piece fo craft wire right through the back of the flower and twisting the wire onto the tree branch.

event centerpiece tree with red dendrobium orchidsHere, we have the same tree, with the branches arranged differently and without the crystals, just the flowers.

Again, the orchid blooms are simply tucked into the branches.

We find that preserved orchids are very crumbly, causing you to waste much of them. For this reason, we recommend using natural, fresh cut orchid blooms of any variety.

The ones shown here are tiny blooms, each only about 1.5" to 2' diameter. 

Dendrobium Orchid stems come with many small blooms on a stem which means one stem of dendrobium orchids goes a long way.

Just cut them off the stem the day before or the morning of the event and add them to the tree in minutes.
It's quick, easy and gorgeous and the inexpensive and easy to work with dendrobium is easy on the pocket. Dendrobiums are also available in a variety of lovely colors to compliment any event theme.

You could also use larger orchids such as Mini Cymbidium blooms, Mokara orchids and others. The larger the bloom, however, the less you need to use.

These lovely trees also make beautiful home decor trees to accent your living room. In the fall, decorate them with rich burgandys and oranges and in the summer, add bright citrus colored blooms in yellows and oranges.

Feel free to add just a few blooms or add many blooms.  We have a lovely selection of preserved hydrangea flowers that also look great in this tree. Just take a small bunch and tuck it in a few areas in the canopy, trailing down the trunk or even onto the base.  It's a very versatile tree.  

For mor information on this 32" tall tree and the others in this line, just click on the picture above or click on the metal event trees  link in the left hand navigation bar. There is also a taller 43" version of this tree available.

beaded iron tree with beautiful crystalsThe same tree can be arranged a variety of ways for different looks. Here, we have it modestly decorated with 3 meters of crystals and 3, 38mm teardrops.

The crystals can be separated into shorter pieces about a foot long and hung straight down instead of draping them side to side as we have done here.

Another variation would be to simply hang the teardrop shaped crrystal prisms all over the tree in greater numbers.

A one and a half in crystal prism teardrop is shown hanging from the ends of a few of the chains. A larger crystal teardrop in 50mm size would stand out more and can also be hung higher in the branches.

Finally, the tree can be used exactly as it is without hanging crystal chains. We think the crystal chains add high drama with their amazing sparkle, however, if simpler is what you prefer, the candles alone are all that you may want to add.

Butterflies, small birds, leaves, etc. This tree can be transformed into your vision that suits the theme. At Easter, we have had customers decorate this tree with eggs and at Christmas, others have purchased it in silver (available also) and hung it with Christmas Balls. 

The tree is super stable, but as always, please remember  that candles should never be left unattended when lit. Keep fabric out of the way of flames. Use common candle care and keep all candles  out of the reach of children at all times. Flickering LED candles have come a long way. They are now inexpensive and have a moving faux "flame" that  is quite realistic. They are available in Amber which better simulates real fire and  are perfect for both events and the home. Flickering LED's tea light candles are available from Ethereal Decor.

Crystal Tree centerpiece with pink orchids and hanging crystal prisms
Taller 43" Version of the Same Tree

Here you see the 43" inch version of this tree with about 4 meters of our fine hanging crystal chains and 3 of our large 50mm teardrops.

The branches are moderately bendable (use care and follow directions).  Bending the branches slightly out or down or angling a sectioin inward, dramatically changes the look fo the tree.

Here, we have the branches mostly swept up, giving it little manipulation.

We recommend using 4 to 6 hour tea-light candles if being used for an event.  They cost a little more than the standard, cheap tea-light candles, however, they should last throughout the event.

Set up is amazingly easy for both sizes of this tree. Simply screw on the base at one end of the trunk and screw the head or canopy onto the other end. You then insert your candle cups, drop in candles or battery powered flickering LED's and hang on your crystals and or flowers. The entire job can be finished within 5 minutes and could not be easier.

Metal  trees can also be spray painted white or other colors or simply left as is, without painting or crystals, just candles.   Up in the trees are staggered height, glass candle cups for tealights or votives.  Live flowers can also be hung in the branches.  

Taller crystal wedding trees are more stunning and impressive when you walk into the room and view all of the tables.  In addition,  who could tell when sitting at a table, if that orchid 4 feet over head is real or fake? 

Only you will know for sure, because these fantastic metal display trees are tall enough to place them far enough from direct view (and touching or smelling).

Trees less than 4' feet tall, place the bulk of the branches, much closer in the line of view of seated guests of average height. Wedding tree crystals are clear and can hang high enough so as not to obstruct the view across the table.

With metal crystal trees, the  higher, the better, as long as you don't go above 5' feet tall on a standard round reception table.  Our lovely 6' tall Metal Tree is designed as a floor tree.  It is only suitable as a major installation in the room or where people will be walking or standing next to it; it is not recommended for guest tables.

They make gorgeous alternative to boring Tikki Torches for outdoor events.  Line a walkway with them or place them on both sides of an altar or beside or behind the Guest of Honor Table or Bride's Table.  Our trees are super-stable with a solid iron base.

Create Elegant Christmas Crystal Trees or New Years Party Trees

Turn them into the most elegant Christmas Crystal Tree or New Years Party Decorations in town.  Spray paint them silver or white, dust on glitter before the paint dries,  add our fabulous crystals and some lovely Christmas balls and they are ready to dazzle.

By painting the tree  black, it becomes a shadowy frame-work to showcase your decorations.

Consider hot-gluing on individual gold beaded leaves in clusters onto the branches. Click on the photo or on the metal manzanita tres link in the left navigation bar to find out more about this amazing, versatile tree or to buy now.

Hot glued leaves or flowers can be easily pulled off after the event. For a more permanent decoration, you can use a tube glue or Epoxy blue.

Works on Standard Event Table Sizes

3.5' to 5' trees work well  on any typical event size table including 60" and 72" round 8 - 10 person tables and larger. Fits also on 48" inch square tables, 32" inch rounds, most long banquet tables  and more.

metal-crystal-tree-decorati.jpgBig  Adjustable Height Metal Manzanita Trees. 

For more information on this lovely tree which can adjust to any height in between 4' and nearly 5' tall.  Visit the metal trees page of our site for more information.

This Tree is  also versatile because you can leave it down at the 4' height  as shown here or adjust them up to nearly 5' tall for truly towering tree centerpieces. 

Better yet, leave some of them down at the 4' foot height and raise some of them up to nearly 5' feet tall  for high-low effect table decorations at the same wedding or event.

The branches can be adjusted to vary the look (see inset photo). The branches on this undecorated tree have been bent slightly outward instead of inward.  Other branch adjustments can also carefully be made, as well as adjustment in the height.

These trees have a great configuration for hanging flowering branches, foliage, artificial sprays, twigs, berry garlands and especially live orchids. 

They are great for hanging wedding tree crystals to make your own crystal wedding trees.

buy metal crystal wedding trees Crystal trees are all about the sparkle, not the metal, so consider spending less on the frame (the tree) and focus on the crystals. 

By saving money on the trees, you have more money  for the  highest quality CRYSTALS. The tree is just the frame that holds up for all to see, the wonderful sparkle that is the crystals.

On the decorated crystal wedding tree shown above, we used brown stem wrap tape to basically tie the orchid stems to the metal tree branches.  It can also be achieved with short pieces of craft wire twisted around the stem and the metal branch like twist ties.  Just attach one near the top, one near the bottom and perhaps one in the middle of the stem to hold it securely. 

Some florists also use a new adhesive called Nu Glue to attach flowers to our metal crystal tree.  It is a sticky, double sided but CLEAR (not white) tape/glue substance that comes in rolls and in dots.  It is available at most craft stores such as Michaels which is a nationwide craft store chain.  You take a piece, stick it like a wad of chewing gum to the back of the flower or other other decoration and stick it to the tree branch in various places.  It comes off clean, unlike hot glue.

To attach balls or bunches of flowers, florists will have many tricks, but here is one:  Remove all of the branches of the metal tree with the exception of the center branch.  Wrap soaked floral foam for real flowers or styrofoam for fakes, to the tree using green chicken wire from your florist supply store.  The chicken wire has many holes which act as supports for the flower stems and also keep your foam from crumbling apart.

Once secured, stick your floral stems into the foam until covered.  Now re-attach all the outer branches of your iron tree.  Hang crystals directly from the metal branches using the top connector of your chains.  Our Swarovski crystal strands each have an extra one at the top of the chain.

Visit the Crystal Chains Ropes page of our site for pricing on the crystal ropes or our Loose Crystals page for prices on our fine crystal balls and teardrops for hanging on the branches.

It is not a "small" 3' tree by any means. It is tall enough for a lovely effect, but easy to decorate and transport. In addition to ease of use, it is very strong and can hold more than just the hanging candle holders that it comes with. You can add more candle holders if desired. Also looks great sprayed silver or white and covered with Christmas type decorations, Christmas balls and of course beautiful crystal garlands, prisms and pendants.

 As Seen in the Video on this Page

This is one of our nearly 7' feet tall, Deluxe
Swarovski No-Lead Crystal Wedding Trees with custom made, Lighted Base. If you want to buy these crystal ropes, go to the Crystal Chains Ropes Page of our site. Our professional design fabricators manufactured this tree for a "Platinum Weddings" florist in swanky Indian Harbor Florida. It is being used as a sought after wedding decoration rental item for her high profile weddings and events. 

We can make one for you or you can learn how to make a simpler version of these crystal wedding trees right here on our website using the same crystals.

Unbelievable for:

     Crystal Wedding Tree
     Focal Point Tree
     Dance-Floor Center
     Champagne or Wine Bar Decor
     Guest Book Table
     Beside Altar (with smaller lighted base)
     Behind or Beside Head Table
     Beside Buffet Tables (not on!)
     Home Decor
     Up-scale, Elegant Christmas Tree
     Diamond Anniversary Decor
     Up-scale Quinceanera Decoration
     Crystal Wedding Trees
This is a Premium Grade big nearly 7' tall single trunk manzanita Crystal Wedding Tree hung with approximately 240 feet of our Swarovski Lead Free crystal ropes (1' ropes simply hooked together into 2' lengths and attached to branches).   Although this one was used for a wedding, it is suitable to just about any elegant event in need of a spectacular show stopper. 

You can make your own simpler, easier, smaller, less expensive take on this type of display tree or  if your budget allows and you desire to,
you can purchase an already professionally designed, Crystal Wedding Tree.  Choose single trunk manzanita like this one in the lighted wood base or you can purchase a double trunk one like the one shown below by going to the "Crystal Tree"  order page of our site.  There is a link to the page in the left navigation bar of our site.

professionally made  trees like these use only premium quality, hand selected trees (not just any tree works due to wildly varying shape of manzanita).   They are highly labor intensive (time is money, of course)  and includes the lighted base which has our Ethereal crystals lying scattered on the top. 

The labor combined with the over-the-top amount of Swarovski crystal that these crystal wedding trees come with is out of some budgets, but if  you are handy, simply use it as an idea and create your own tree using manzanita or other very strong, artistic looking branches or trees in sizes within your budget.  Take some branches, artificial or real wood, mount them,  pot them or put them in a wide stance vase (at least 4" inches wide if the tree is over 3' tall) and hang them with the amount of crystal ropes that fit your budget. 

crystals hanging on tree branchesHowever much or little crystal you use, we recommend our fine Swarovski crystal ropes to achieve the same amount of sparkle in your wedding decorations.  In the photo above,  we are sure you are captivated by the amount of sparkle. 

If your budget does not allow them in any size, use the next best thing: our fine Ethereal Brand Crystal chains or use a mix of the two types on your project.  The Swarovski will bring more of the sparkle and you stretch your budget with the Ethereal, allowing the best of both worlds: highest quality and lower price.

The "colors" that you see flashing on the tree are simply glimpses of real rainbows formed by the awesome sparkle of the high quality crystal ropes used.  The sparkle is hard to capture on film because each crystal flashes when light hits it at the right angle and photographing requires split second timing, but we caught some of it on film. 

Play the video below to feel the outrageous sparkle. No computer added "stars", just real Swarovski crystal. In person, you can see flashes of light & fascinating rainbows. Our Ethereal crystals are a lovely second choice. Our chains with subtle, elegant links make your wedding tree crystals look more like falling, crystal raindrops. Draw attention to the crystals ... not the metal connectors in between.

See the Amazing Sparkle: Click Play button in Video Below (30 second video)

Feel The Swarovski Sparkle - Play 30 Second Video Above

We sell these crystal chains (and our own Ethereal  brand of  more economical crystals)  wholesale, in 1' lengths, 1 yard lengths and in extra long 1 meter lengths, but they are all easily adjustable by simply hooking one chain to another in 2', 3' or whatever lengths you need.  For shorter lengths, simply slide one connector out.  We use the easiest to remove connectors in the world.  Loops are harder to remove and replace and also become mis-shaped once bent open and closed a time or two.

With our connectors,  hooking one rope to another literally takes 2 seconds and the connectors stay tight.  There is a link to our "Crystal Chains Ropes Page" in the left navigation bar of our site.  Our fine crystals prisms make perfect wedding crystals, party crystals and crystal decorations for any occasion or event.

Some Sites Selling Lower Quality Glass Crystals ... as Swarovski
Helpful Clues to Tell the Difference

Because most customers have never purchased Swarovski crystals and do not know how good Swarovski crystals are as a reference point, we thought we would offer some tips for the novice crystal buyer.  We aren't the crystals police and throwing any other site under the bus, which is why we aren't naming any names. 

Why we are Putting this Little-known Info out There

Primarily, we are doing this because there is a site that states that some people may be buying fake Swarovski crystals and then goes on to give general information on the differant types of Swarovski crystals.  Ours are the real deal so we aren't worried, but It can put a seed of doubt into the minds of anyone who may be wanting to buy genuine Swarovski lead free glass crystalsWe want customers to have real evidence that  we ours are genuine.

We must give these tips so that you can  then use them to authenticate the Swarovski products that you buy from us. It's not just to compare what you get from someone else.  Use them on ours as well. Our knees aren't even knocking.

Visit our  new page which gives you more details for separating the proverbial "wheat from the chaff " called "
Are Your Swarovski Crystal Decorations the Real Deal?  Click on the link above or look for it in the top navigation bar of our site.  The link says  "The Real Deal".

EtherealDecor Crystals on Platinum Weddings TV ShowYou Don't Need a "Platinum Weddings" Pocket-book to use our Platinum Grade Crystals, but ...

Our crystals bring it Platinum Weddings style. They delivered real sparkle, not the typical, run of the mill, ice with out the fire look.   It's why (after purchasing a small sample order first)  our crystal chains were chosen for and featured in an upcoming segment of the popular Platinum Weddings TV show on We tv. 

If you've ever watched the show (and we know you have if you are getting married or if you are a major event planner), nothing rinky dink or cheap looking makes the cut. 

No tulle, fold up tissue bells or plastic champagne glass favors filled with stale Jordan Almonds.  It's custom linens and overlays, Sushi stations, live bands, custom lounge furniture, signature drinks, monogrammed everything ... and fine crystals that bring it.  The sparkle, that is.   It's a so-so free zone. The minimum wedding budget to even be considered for airing on the show is $350,000.00 and up.  The typical wedding on the show is much higher.  The episode features both our Swarovski and Ethereal crystal chains and Teardrops.

Our Ethereal Brand & our Swarovski Crystal Chains Chosen for
6 Figure Wedding - Platinum Weddings TV Show! (2 Minute Video)

The episode which aired on Platinum Weddings TV show on WeTV (same channel as Bridezillas TV show)  features both our highest quality Swarovski lead free crystal chains and also our Ethereal Brand crystal chains mixed together on the Manzanita branches crystal wedding trees centerpieces. 

The crystal trees with fine glass crystal strands or garlands attached to the painted branches were  table decorations as an alternative to the traditional floral arrangements.  Note: Using all Swarovski crystal chains instead of mixing the two, brings even more sparkle than you see in the video. 
We were the manufacturer of all of the crystal chains wedding decorations used for this stunning, nearly 1/2 million dollar wedding (gulp!) and we have the emails from the bride and groom, photos and invoices to prove it.

Both our  Ethereal crystal chains and  our Finest Swarovski crystal chains were used (in different elements  in the wedding reception decor).  The majority of the crystals were Ethereal with a smaller percentage of Swarovski crystals mixed in.  Using ALL Swarovski would make dramatically more sparkle than this.  

Keep in mind that this was a tented, white draped wedding which tends to wash out crystals effect a bit on film, but not in person. In person it was stunning (just listen to the bride and guests at the wedding).  The crystal centerpiece trees were just amazing. Due to the white background, photos and video do not do it justice.

How to Make a Crystal Wedding Tree?

For more information on how to make a tree yourself, check out our fantastic FREE 13 page online e-book, " Secrets of How to Make a Crystal Tree" . 
You can click here to go there now, or go to the crystal tree instructions link in the top navigation bar.

How to Determine How Many Crystal Strands You Need

Typically, it seems 25' feet is typical for centerpiece crystal trees, but we have customers who put as little as 12' on a guest table tree.  One big focal tree will need more to really be spectacular.  Once you have determined how many trees you need to make, their purpose (centerpieces for guest tables, champagne bar tree, buffet table, etc.), then you can determine how many ropes or pieces of crystal you need.  Determine how big you need (small 14mm or 16mm or large 20mm - 28mm).  

Determine your best budget, then visit our Crystal Chains & Crystal Decorations page, look over the prices and determine what grade of crystal you can get.  Add a few different sizes and grades to the shopping cart online and then play with the numbers once you have them in the cart, until you reach a figure you are happy with.  If you need help, please give us a call to help you pick your crystals or reach a quantity that will work for you.

crystal garlands for wedding centerpiecesOur Ethereal Crystal Strands Make one of the Best 2nd Choices Available Anywhere:

Our Swarovski chains are still King, but if you need lots of chains and a smaller budget, go with our Ethereal Crystal Chains as the best 2nd choice to Swarovski anywhere on the internet.

You won't find better crystal wedding decorations or finer party crystals.
We make them that way, with our Swarovski crystal chains in mind, so that for those who can't or won't do Swarovski, there is a viable alternative outside of going the plastic route (wash your mouth out with soap for even thinking acrylic).  We wanted to offer an alternative  that wouldn't put you (or us) to shame.

It also had to have elegant connectors; no bow-ties since they slip out and come apart easily and no loops since they look kind of, well ...  loopy and do turn black over time (polish does not remove the rust on loops).  We manufactured an alternative crystal chain garland that delivers, big time.

The picture shown here  is simply to demonstrate the versatility of using crystal garlands in any type of wedding or event centerpiece arrangement, not just on a branches or tree type crystal wedding tree. 

This arrangement gives a "tree type" feel, but uses only tall, hardy flowers such as orchids. Our fantastic Ethereal brand crystals are popular on crystal wedding trees, however, they can also be used for a variety of other types of stunning arrangements. 

Our Ethereal Brand Crystals Shown on Floating Candle Centerpiece

The arrangement shown here was done using our own Ethereal brand crystal chains which are available in 14mm, 16mm and 20mm (large) crystal sizes.  They come in meter long lengths (that's 3" inches longer than a yard at 39" inches long.

For a simple floating candles arrangement like this, simply use alternating heights of glass vases or cylinders, fill them with water and a large floating candle and add a few stems of flowers.  Orchids work wonderfully.  This particular arrangements has two long orchid stems extending out of the vase and smaller variety of orchids submerged in the water for a luxurious look, with minimal flowers.

Once the orchids are in place, simply hang our long Ethereal Crystal chains, sold right here on our site.  Click on the picture to go to the page for more information, or click on the "
Crystal Chains & Decorations"  link in the left navigation bar. This arrangement takes minutes to complete.  For even more amazing sparkle, create a similar arrangement using our stunning, Swarovski crystal chains.  Just hook the one foot long chains into longer lengths such as 2' or 3' long chains (takes literally seconds to do).

crystal tree wish tree weddingOur Ethereal Crystals Shown on a Crystal Wish Tree (actual event photo)

The photo at left is another actual photo of our Ethereal Crystal chains used to make a lovely crystal wish tree for one of our clients.

On this crystal wedding tree made of hanging crystals from manzanita branches, mounted in a pot  (sandblasted tan variety), they used our 16mm Ethereal lead Free Glass crystal chains. 

Our Ethereal crystal strands were draped side to side like Christmas Tree garlands and little cards were hung from silver chord found in a craft store. 

A hole is punched in the decorative card, the chord slipped through and knotted and then hung from the branches.  Guests to the wedding, simply lift up a card and write their note for the bride and groom while it hangs from the tree.

Another way to do a crystal wish tree is to have the cards and chords on the table and guests write their notes and then hang the note on the tree.  You could also use your hanging crystals in shorter lengths with a little favor card attached to a ribbon chord or bow.  A good length such as 6" inches works well. 

A little sign could be placed on the table,  asking each guest to take one crystal chain "favor" from the tree as their favor gift keepsake at the end of the party.  This way the tree is left sparkling and lovely until the end of the night and each guests gets a piece of the tree which becomes a "suncatcher" when hung in a window at home.  It brings lovely rainbows into the room each day when the sun comes out.

If you choose this option, you might want to have a "crystal wedding tree attendant" to be sure guests don't take them early and that they take only one.  This is one keepsake your guests will adore and keep instead of throw away or toss into a drawer.

Even if you use the finest, our Swarovski crystals, the cost is still lower than if you did the typical $2 or $3 guest favor when you separate one 12" inch chain into two pieces, serving not one but two guests.  If you will be hanging crystals from Manzanita branches or other branches, you can separate into 3 pieces if your budget is lower.

The perceived value is amazing and your favors will not appear to have cost you only $1 or $2 and lends fantastic decor to your event ... much better than a piece of candy , tealight candle or a picture frame. Metal crystal trees are easy to store, put up and take down, which makes them great for event planners and florists.

hanging-crystals-flowers-240w.jpgOur Crystals at yet another "Platinum Weddings" Status Event

The table centerpiece arrangements shown at left were made by raising a regular floral arrangement atop glassware filled with glass stones. Underneath the glass stones were led battery powered lights to illuminate the glassware.

Hanging beneath the floral arrangment are 1' foot long strands of fine glass crystals from Ethereal Decor. These are our crystals.  Hanging on the end are teardrop shaped loose Ethereal crystals.  You can also hang our crystals easily from the edges of the glassware by using the top connector which acts as a "hook".

Simply hang one foot lengths of our Swarovski crystal chains or separate our Ethereal crystal chains which come in long 39" inch meter long chains, into 3 equal pieces.  It is super easy to do. Simply fold the chain into a capital "N" shape and slide out one connector at the top of the N and one connector at the bottom.

If you do that, there is no need to measure and you will have 3 equal pieces within 5 seconds flat.  Each piece will be approximately 13" inches long, the perfect length for most floral centerpiece arrangements or smaller crystal trees under 4' feet tall.

Our Ethereal Glass Crystals and Swarovski Crystals are both:

1. Lightweight (unlike lead crystals which are too heavy on some floral arrangments or delicate branches and stems)

2. More durable than lead crystals (lead is more brittle, so it chips easily, unlike our Ethereal and Swarovski chains)

3.  They make lovely  rainbows and sparkle in a way that Acrylic and other Plastic Beads simply can't.  Plastic HAS never, and WILL never, ever make flashes of light and natural rainbows. Your crystal wedding trees deserves the best.

This is why such acrylics plastic  are frequently coated with AB plastic coating which may or may not look good in some settings and designs.  Natural, highest quality glass crystals such as our Ethereal crystal chains make the best party crystals or wedding crystals and deliver natural sparkle with elegance.  They are the best 2nd choice if budget is first and sparkle is 2nd.  If highest sparkle is 1st over budget, then go with our Swarovski crystal chains. 

4.  Ethereal Crystal Chains Cut down on cost without  completely sacrificing richness and delivering superior sparkle.
5.  No loops and no bow-ties.  Elegant, straight, narrow connectors, just like the ones used on our finest Swarovski crystal chains. We sell only highest quality party crystals.

The event planner does sophisticated events, requiring a most elegant look and therefore did not want to water-down the sparkle by using  low quality glass, but was on a budget.   For the guest tables she chose our fine Ethereal crystal chains for the crystal wedding trees.  They saved the lion's share of the party crystals budget for the show-stopper which was a larger, double trunk Swarovski crystal wedding tree as a jaw-dropping focal point.

For that, they used one of our Custom Made, Deluxe Manzanita Crystal Trees which comes with the custom made lighted base.  It was custom made in a wide, 4' size and covered with over 100' feet of our finest Swarovski crystals for an even more dramatic effect.  Click on the "Crystal Tree" link in the left navigation bar if you want to see our Deluxe Crystal Trees and the famous Crystal Wedding Tree seen in Bride's which started the Crystal Tree trend.  The tree in Bride's magazine was done by Geoff Howell.
Crystal Octagon Ropes are the wedding crystals sizes shown on this Brides magazine tree, however, to reduce your costs, we suggest the following combinations in order of preference (assuming the tree is this large):

16mm and 24mm crystal chains
14mm and 24mm crystal chains
16mm and 20mm crystal chains

The 3rd choice would be the most cost effective in most cases, assuming you are doing 50% of each size.  On a crystal tree using a full 240 feet, that would mean 120 feet of 16mm and 120 feet of 20mm.  This combination can be used with our Swarovski crystal chains as well as our less expensive, Ethereal crystal chains.  It could also be used with a mix of both types, for example: 120 feet of 16mm Swarovski crystal chains and 120 feet of 20mm Ethereal crystal chains or vice versa. 

For a look that is far less dense with crystals, 120 feet total crystals could be used. 60 feet of 16mm and 60 feet of 20mm.  The final result would look less than half as full with glass crystals do to the fact that 20mm is replacing the larger 24mm and then the total footage of crystals is also cut in half.

Swarovski Crystals Shown on the Bride's Tree Below

 No Thick Bow-Tie Links or "Loopy Loops" Disrupt the Design

This stunning Manzanita tree display is a full 6 feet tall and was made using 16mm and 26mm size Swarovski Lead Free Crystal octagons linked with gold, subtle connectors (not the typical "bow tie" connectors or the less desirable "rings") made into long ropes. The design is not disrupted and you are not distracted and jarred by thousands of thick bow-tie or loopy loops connectors.  

This crystal wedding tree used connectors which are subtle and almost disappear into the design like our straight connectors or coil connectors for an elegant result that highlights the crystals ... not the pins.  So fluid, it almost looks like thousands of sparkling raindrops.

According to the designer, he used predominately the Swarovski Lead Free Crystal Octagon chains (the same brand we sell on our 
Crystal Chains & Decorations page on most of the branches and a added some Swarovski Strass 32% lead crystals mixed in on some of the outer branches.  Swarovski Lead Free Crystal and Swarovski Strass lead crystal are the absolute finest precision cut crystal available anywhere.

Swarovski Strass (in good sizes above 14mm) glass crystal costs 2 times as much as their no-lead crystal but when hung together, it is virtually impossible to tell the two apart without examing the cut pattern. The sparkle of both is indistinguishable since they are cut and polished to the same high level by the same company. The fabricator of this specific, exact tree states that this tree was made almost entirely with Swarovski Lead Free crystal octagon ropes.

This is because he wanted it to be jaw-droppingly stunning in person (pictures really can't capture it) so he used the best which refracts the most light , resulting in the most brilliant rainbows.  Swarovski Lead Free crystal achieves this fine result with unmatched precision cutting and polishing instead of  relying on lots of lead.  Lead also makes the crystals much heavier which is a bad thing if you are using small, weaker branches which can't hold the extra weight of lots of chains of lead crystals.

Natural Branch Trees 

easy crystal wedding treesOne of the great things about natural trees (especially Manzanita and Curly willow branches), is that the trees themselves are naturally beautiful, allowing you to work with less flowers and crystals. 

A 5' foot tall real wood manzanita or other natural tree compared to a 5' metal tree using the same amount of crystal, would look better.  

This is especially true if you plan to use smaller amounts of crystals or crystal garlands.

Real wood trees and branches are thicker in diameter, fuller with many more small branches. 

A 4.5' tree crystal wedding tree centerpiece made of real branches which are beautiful on their own, could hold the same amount of crystals, but would not look unfinished or as if something is missing. 

The major Pro's for metal trees is that there is no work involved and they are easy up and down. They compress or break-down for storage and travel (unlike natural trees). 
The other major benefit of metal trees over real, is that they can take being moved to many events over the years.  Natural trees will lose branches over the years if they are handled constantly or roughly such as in transport from event to event. For one or two events, this is usually no issue. If using for just one event and then placing the finished tree in position in a home or venue, this is also not an issue.

Contact Us if you Need Natural Branches

Shoot us an email to including the number of trees you would like to make, the height and your event date and we will supply you with a quote. We can suppy you with natural Manzanita, Curly Willow, Dragon Wood, Grapewood and others.

Hanging Crystals Tree Centerpiece Project #2

You can get this look by making a simple Manzanita tree centerpiece yourself in 5 minutes.  Visit our "
Secrets of How to Make a Crystal Tree, FREE online e-book" page for full details and techniques.  Use the  permanant container method described there.

To create this look, you can use a 4.5' to 5.5' tall, full, single, real wood  Manzanita branch (or other type of thick branch from the woods or a vacant lot (get permission first).  Our simulated branches cannot be used alone to create a full looking tree like this (you would have to use a few and the look would be differant).

 wedding tree table decoration crystalsThe width of the tree shown here is about 3' feet wide.  Pick a branch tha has a nice, Bonsai-like, crooked, twisted shape that can be used on it's own if possible. 

If you can't find one semi-straight enough to mount properly, simply put two branches together, each leaning in opposite directions and together, they will create a semi straight tree.  It does not have to be "straight", because part of the beauty is it's crooked, quirky look.

Once you have stripped off any unwanted or loose, shedding bark from the trees with a simple piece of sandpaper, spary paint the branch a metallic gold like the one shown or you can spray paint it other colors like silver or even leave it a natural wood color. 

Once the tree is mounted properly in it's pot (see our instructions page) and spray painted, simpy hang some of our fine quality crystal ropes.  The tree shown is approximately 5' tall (you can see the scale by comparing it to normal sized items such as glasses and plates on the table). 

This crystal wedding tree is hung with our fine 1' long crystal ropes (again, you can see longer lengths are not necessary since the smaller, side branches are staggered, not all at the top.  You can hang them horizontally like crystal garlands if you want also.  You could also hang some crystal tear-drops on the ends
Crystal Table Trees Available for Purchase

Finished product.

Custom Colors Swarovski Crystal Centerpiece Trees

For a smaller, table centerpiece version of the huge focal crystal trees, we now offer these in custom colors such as Posh Pink with Swarovski crystals shown left, Tiffany Blue, Platinum Silver, Gold Rush and more. 

Just tell us your color and pick your genuine Swarovski crystals quantity. 

Custom Colors:

Posh PInk,
Tiffany Blue,
Platinum Silver,
Gold Rush,
Natural Brown and More !

They are available from 2' - 4' tall and we ship them all over the country, however, we can accept no international orders on this particular item. For more information, email us with the color and quantity you desire at for pricing.

 Why no Acrylic Plastic Crystals? 

In our opinion (and we have many), acrylic and "crystal" shouldn't even be used in the same sentence.  Acrylic beads can be ok, but if you put the two words "acrylic" and "crystal" together, we consider it  a diabolical insult to fine crystal all over the world ... a mockery, a crime, a travesty, a grotesque and absurd imitation of reality ...    Ok, maybe it's not that serious.  Let's just say,  glass crystal good, acrylic ... not so much.  Acrylic has it's place, however the floral design has to be so amazing that it just does not matter what's hanging from it.  Acrylic plastic is  just not the same.   It's good enough for some, but not good enough if quality is your preference over quantity.  Less is more, if what you have is superior quality.

In Person, Plastic Acrylic "Crystals"  look like Plastic ... because they are.

Crystal  implies a glass of fine quality and posessing a high degree of brilliance.  What is acrylic? Acrylic simply refers to a certain type of polymer which is basically a different variety of plastic.  The most elegant crystal wedding trees use real crystals.

We Don't Manufacture or Sell Chains or Rolls of Acrylic Beads

We only manufacture our own Ethereal crystals of quality glass and only carry other brands of crystals that we can get truly excited about.  Acrylic "crystals" cannot produce sparkle and do not make rainbows at all.  Some of them can reflect light or possibly even "shine", but they cannot really sparkle.  Sparkle means flashes of light, not shades of white or an "icicle" type shine.  Plastic cannot make flashes of rainbow colorered light.  It just won't happen.  It is not optically pure, clear enough nor can it be cut sharply enough or polished in the way that high quality glass can.  That combination means there can be no flashes of light. 

In addition, plastic usually looks even more dull in wedding photographs.  We are not saying that acrylic is horrible, there are some that are reasonably nice, just not fabulous.  We are impressed with fabulous crystals.

Why Some Acrylic Beads or "Crystals"Look Colorful in Pictures

Well it definitely isn't from diamond-like sparkle and rainbows!  Frequently, acrylic beads, acrylic crystals or acrylic prisms are coated with a plastic coating called "AB" or Aurora Borealis which is a metallic or "mirror-like"  pastel coating that makes them look colorful as opposed to the uncoated ones.  Fine crystal doesn't need it.  The purpose of the AB coating is to try to simulate rainbows and to add some type of shimmer, however it is light-years different from natural sparkle and real rainbows ushered in by actual sparkle.   

For those who think the overall effect of the finished crystal wedding tree will be about the same as with Swarovski  or a low quality glass crystal, all we can say is, dream on ... we won't wake you.

What about AB or Aurora Borealis Coating?

The problem with poorly done  AB (Swarovski makes a good AB coating) is that on plastic acrylic beads and on low quality glass crystals, it is poorly done.  It usually has lots of knicks and scratches in the coating and is put on with inexpensive plastic film coating.  It is also put on too heavily in most cases.  It actually BLOCKS light from shining through the crystals.  On glass crystals, they need that light, but it is being blocked in favor of the imitation rainbow which is basically a painted on "rainbow". 

When the chains move or swing on your crystal wedding tree,  or from the "other" side of your installation, project or tree, you will see the backs of the AB coated acrylic "crystals".  Call us particular, but in addition to the bogus (excuse us, we meant "faux") sparkle, we don't like howthe AB coating looks from the back either.  Most acrylic is usually easily distinguished as plastic. Again, if the florals are amazing or "Preston Bailey" calibre amazing, it can still look lovely, but for straight crystal trees with no florals or run of the mill florals, it is definitely not a high-end look.  It typically does not satisfy those with an eye for quality.

Fabulous Acrylic?  An oxymoron, as most people know, is a statement that combines normally contradicting terms. Have you ever heard anyone call plastic or acrylic, fabulous plastic?  Some acrylics may be "reasonable" or maybe even "pretty" or "shiny", but never fabulous.  Shiny is not the same as sparkling.  Spakling requires flashes of light which acrylic absolutely cannot do. 

Decorating an important event like a wedding or any other upscale, elegant affair with rolls and rolls of plastic, faux crystals works to a degree, especially for events with a client who is easily pleased, however, real glass crystal garlands simply take the same decor project or installation over the top from cute to luxuriously glamorous. 

You never see the top 2 or 3 event planners, known for their amazing designs,  using anything less than glass crystals at their events or in any of their beautiful event planning books.  In most cases, they use Swarovski crystals and at the very least, other glass crystals and our Ethereal Glass crystals are among the best available anywhere.   For more information (and our totally biased opinion) on mounds of plastic acrylic crystals and rolls of acrylic beads, see the
Acrylic Crystals Page of our site. 

Complete Crystal Tree Set

The crystal wedding tree you see here is actually not a "project"  like most of the other photos on this page.  By "project, we mean something to inspire you that  you have to create yourself.  The pictures below are actually a PRODUCT we sell here on our site.  It is one of our crystal tree sets.  It's great for anyone who does not want to make a tree themselves, but wants something already figured out and practically done for them.  They come with everything you need to set up a crystal wedding tree achieving this look.

crystals hanging from tree branches centerpiece 

easy set up manzanita crystal tree set

Our Crystal Tree Set is available with 20' feet of Swarovski fine crystals in 22mm and 16mm sizes or with twice as much or even 3 x as much fine, sparkling crystal as you see here.  It includes everything including simulated manzanita branches or real wood manzanita branches (you choose which you want), 2' or 3' tall heavy glass tree stand with stabilizing square foot, matching silver pebble or silver sand filler for the stand and of course, the show stopper, our Swarovski crystal ropes.  

The finished crystal tree set is adjustable to create a tree that can range  from 4.5' feet tall  to approximately 5.5' feet tall.    It is designed to be a Guest Book Tree, Champagne Bar Tree, Buffet Table Tree, Bride's Table Tree, etc.  It is generally a focal tree for the room.

Although probably not suitable for dozens of  guest table arrangements due to the cost, it makes a stunning Bride's Table arrangement or altar side crystal tree.  It is available in the color of your choice, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Black, etc.  For pricing and more details on the options, please click on the photo  or go to the
"Crystal Tree Set" page of our website.

The 3' or yard long ropes used on the 6' tree seen in Bride's magazine, were actually connected into even longer lengths of crystal garlands and then doubled over the branches (not hung straight down) .  You can't see the tops of the branches up close, but looping over the branches is actually not as neat as hanging them individually, straight down. 

This is because at the top where the crystal chain or rope must bend in order to hang down the other side, you have a crystal laying on the top of the branch.  In addition, doubling over causes crystals to be facing one way on one side and facing the other way on the way down.  This is especially bad if your chains or ropes use bow-tie connectors which look far different from the front than from the back.  You want the front of the bow-tie facing OUT, not in.  This means you would have to actually separate the 3' or 1 yard rope into two in order to have the crystals all facing the right way. 

If you are using crystals that are pointed on the back and flat on the front (diamond shaped), this is also not good.  The crystals on one side would look fine and once looped over, coming down the back, they would be backwards.  Diamond cut crystals are supposed to be used with the flat side out and the point in, funneling the light up and out through the flat front of the crystal.

By using our 1' ropes (simply hooked together into 2' lengths; takes 2 seconds), you can hang them from the branch and straight down which looks much neater in person than looping over the top.  See our even bigger 7' tree on this page.  It used our 1' ropes (hooked to each other in one second) and hung in 2 foot lengths and as you see, since branches are high and low, they are plenty long enough, nearly reaching the base.

Separating our Ethereal Chains into Shorter Chains

If using our economical, but fantastic quality, Ethereal crystal chains which are sold by the meter (not by the foot), we suggest separating each 39" inch chain into 3 identical length pieces.  You simply open 2 connectors with your fingers (very easy to do with our straight or coil connectors).  It takes aobut 3 seconds to open two connectors and separate the chains into three, 13" long pieces. 

You can then use the opened connector which is now at the top of each piece, to hang it directly from your branches.  On manzanita branches, the connector is a perfect size for hooking on the tiny off shooting branches of the manzanita.  Also works on Mitsumata, Curly Willow, Bamboo and other thin branches.  If hanging from very fat, thick tree branches, you can use clear monofilament chord around the branch and then hang the chain underneath the bottom of the branch by sticking the hook right through your monofilament loop.

Tree Branches are Staggered, Creating Staggered Crystals
You can Separate Them into Shorter Lengths

Remember, not all of the branches on a crystal tree (or on any tree for that matter) are in the top of any  tree,  the branches are at different heights, staggered, which means too long ropes would be touching and overlapping onto the table if not shortened or actually doubled over the branches to make it appear to be two ropes. With shorter ropes, no doubling is needed.  This means if you are buying longer chains, simply separate them out into shorter ones.  For example, a meter long rope can be divided into 3 ropes of approximately 13" inches each. 

If your centerpiece tree is shorter than 4' feet tall, using shorter ropes also stretch your crystals budget by spreading them out, covering more width, instead of length,  with crystals. More information on this tree, (including how much crystal was used) can be found further down this page. Bride's magazine is full of stunning decor ideas like this. You can subscribe to Bride's by visiting their website.

The crystal trees below were made using just one of the methods described in our online book.  The first tree is natural wood, planted in an inexpensive metal pot from a craft store.  It took just 5 minutes to make.  Once solidly potted and properly weighted for hanging virtually any amount of crystal ropes, it was spray painted gold with a $3 can of spray paint from a hardware store.  Covering the top, inside of the pot is simple green sheet moss which has also been sprayed gold.

The tree below on the left, is the same tree as the tree on the right.  It is finished  with mauve artificial cymbidium orchids attached (you can use live orchids; we give instructions on our instructional page).  We used just a few ropes for demonstration purposes.  It also has 3 candle cups hanging in the tree with tealights inside.  Tealights don't burn high in the cup (votives burn higher in the cup). 

We think it is safer to burn candles lower in the cup so there is no risk of the flame coming out of the cup and touching the tree.  IF not burning them lower in the cup, simply hang them a little lower in the tree (further from the branches) by using chord or wire attached to your candle cups themselves or attached to the metal candle cup holders. 

You can use votive size if you hang them lower in the tree as Preston Bailey does in his Platinum events (see Decor Ideas Page 2 for one of his real wood trees with candles hung low and in a lovely gold pot similar to the one you see here).  Most guest table trees average about 25' of crystal.  In addition, about 15, 1' ropes of fine crystals were added. You could add dozens more ropes if for a single installation or focal tree for a champagne bar or buffet, etc.

gold manzanita branches centerpiece tree with pink orchids hanging crystal chains
Branches Tree Project #7

All 3 of the following examples of this type of crystal centerpiece tree are easily re-created by using real wood branches for a similar look. Branches can be spray or brush painted in metallic colors.  On these gold branches, we used gorgeous, live, pink cymbidium orchids (not artificial) were wired to the branches.

Crystal Tree Centerpieces Don't Get any Easier than This. Although we used our simulated manzanita branches to make them , you can get a similar, but  fuller look using the real thing.   Real Manzanita branches or even back yard branches or branches from local woods or vacant lots.

Vase based branch centerpieces make for a very easy set up; just secure two or 3 branches (one will do if you have a full one with a nice shape)  in a tall 18"  inch - 3' foot tall glass vase, cylinder, planter or pot, pour in crushed glass as shown or pebbles and decorate.  

Consider leaving  the branches their natural colors (if the color is nice)  for hanging flowers or decor leaves. By planting the branches  in a planter or by raising them in a suitably tall cylinder, glass stand, tall planter, etc, you can extend this type tree using smaller 4' branches, to a full 5' or even 6' tall.  If in a clear a glass vase, just fill the bottom with crushed decor glass or decorative pebbles, marbles or stones, sit the branches on top of the bottom file and pour in more around the sides of the branches and up for at least 4" for stability. 

If you are using a non see-through container, then then ugly rocks from Home Depot will do the job just fine.  They sell in Garden Depts. of most major home stores for about $3 for a very big bag large enough to do multiple table decorations. 

If you want to have less weight (weight is actually good for stability), then put newspapers packed tightly in the bottom of the container or a styrofoam block, place the branches arrangement on top and then fill around the branches and up for at least 4" with ugly river stones/pebbles. 

On the top, you can either spray the pebbles silver, white, gold, etc., or just place sheet moss or reindeer moss on the top to cover the less expensive stones used to secure the arrangement.  Incidentally, moss can be left green if your arrangements have a natural look, but if you are spraying them metallic, you can also add spray to the moss.

If you don't plan to add flowers, but crystals only, metallic colors are a favorite.  Metallic Silver, Gold, Bronze, Antique Gold, etc. all look lovely behind our sparkling crystals.

Branches Crystal Tree Project #8

The picture here shows simulated branches spray painted silver with two cream colored live flower pomander balls up in the branches. You can create a very similar, fuller look with natural manzanita branches.  This arrangement is nearly 5' tall.  Some crystal ropes have been added, but please note that on this tree, these are not our any of the 3 varieties of fine crystal ropes from Ethereal Decor.  They are some other (lower quality) variety.

You can purchase real branches from us or use branches from a nearby yard, woods or from a vacant lot.  You will see lots of branches in heaps on the side of the road after storms in many parts of the country.  I have seen lots of usable branches on the side of the road waiting for garbage pick up. 

Keep in mind that most people do not hang enough crystals for them to be a problem on most tree branches. 

Contact Us if you Need Natural Wood  Decorative Branches

Shoot us an email to including the number of trees you would like to make, the height and your event date and we will supply you with a quote. We can suppy you with natural Manzanita, Curly Willow, Dragon Wood, Grapewood and others.

Branch type is really only a problem if you plan to hang quite a bit of heavy lead crystals or dozens of feet of any crystals.  Manzanita is the toughest and strongest, making it perfect for holding heavy loads, but in the case of table centerpieces, almost any branch you would find in the woods can actually hold quite a bit of crystals.  Even ugly branches can look gorgeous once stripped of any peeling bark (use a piece of sandpaper) .    They look even nicer if  then painted either with a brush or spray paint. 

As you can see from the gold branches centerpiece tree and the silver centerpiece tree, both 1' and 2' lengths are long enough on a big 5' tall tree centerpiece. In the picture on the right, the Silver branches are actually standing in a small glass container which was removed from the picture so that you can visualize your own base of either a planter, pot or tall glass stand or cylinder. The tree is not really "hovering" with no source of support.
silver  branches tree centerpiece with hanging crystal chains
Branches Crystal Trees Project #9

You can achieve a similar look with real branches, sprayed silver and then hung with gorgeous, high quality crystals.  You can find tall glassware, cylinders, planters or pots to stick your branches in to hold them up.  

Check  stores like Target and perhaps even Walmart at reasonable prices.  Add silver or gold pebbles, rocks, decor sand or crushed decor glass can be added to the cylinder for weight if you plan to hang lots of crystal.
In addition to using a planter, pot, stand or cylinder to hold up your tree, we suggest placing shorter cylinders of votives or floating candles around the base of the tree.
This is safer than hanging candles in the tree itself. Floating candles are great because the water raises the height of the candle, bringing it closer to the hanging crystals.

No matter which type of tree you use, lighting from around the tree (an uplight or downlight) is far more sparkle inducing than hanging candles in the tree. This is why the famous crystal tree (Project #1) does not have candles hanging in the tree. Candles add a nice touch to some projects, but in some cases, can clutter up the look of the crystals and in reality, DO NOT make enough light to illuminate your crystals properly. If you use hanging candles, use them for the look of candle-light, but not for the light.

A professional lighting designer (worth their weight in gold) or a simple plug in uplight or downlight purchased in the hardware store and placed out of sight does a far better job than candles.  In addition, many venues don'e even allow real flame (not even candelabras) anymore, due to fires.

Light  Your Crystal Tree Branches with Battery Floralites or Acolytes

These are tiny battery powered lights smaller than the size of half your thumb.  You can buy them online.  Just hang a few of them in the branches of your tree and switch them on.  They last for days.

Crystal & Orchids Carribean Tree Project #10

 Crystals Hanging From Orchids Tree

A Stunning Focal Point for - event, wedding reception or home decorations, this stunning wedding tree from Sandals Caribbean Resorts is breathtaking. It uses far less Swarovski crystal than Crystal Tree Project #1 shown on this page (making it less expensive). Consider planning a Carribean wedding and having this identical tree decorated at Sandals as included in their Crystal Wedding Decor Package found at If you will not be planning a Carribean resort wedding or event, you can make a similar tree, with or without the orchids or votive cups with the same crystal found here on our site.

The Island tree actually used at Sandals is estimated to be about 8 - 10 feet tall since the lowest branch is known to be about head level. We estimate it to have around 150 - 200 orchids. You can create a similar look with more or less, depending on your taste. You can also use a different variety of flowers to make your crystal tree, it certainly does not necessarily need to be orchids.

This Crystal tree works for daytime or evening events.  Suitable as a crystal wedding tree, event decor or even an elegant home decor tree.  Daylight (unlike candle-light) causes unbelievable rainbows of light in the Premium crystals used, bringing out a sparkle that cannot be captured on film or with indoor lighting.

It is just unbelievable for an outdoor ceremony and can be moved indoors for an indoor reception. According to Sandals Wedding Department, this tree is a special native tree found in the Carribean which is hung with Lead Free crystal (they are not round balls, but octagons which are narrow from the side and reflect more light), orchids and pot shaped glass votive cups. They stated that it is Swarovski (which is precision cut, lead free) not, "Strass' (their lead crystal).

According to the experts, Swarovski crystals are finer than any 30% lead crystal due to the finest precision cutting known to man. Swarovski Strass lead crystal (in good sizes over 14mm) costs 2 times as much as it's healthier sister crystal.  The no-lead version also makes less of a negative impact on the environment and water supply during and after the manufacturing process because it is lead free and therefore is not poisining the air and water.

How much Crystal is On The Sandals Carribean Crystal Tree?

We estimate this tree used around 300 - 400 large Swarovski Lead Free crystal octagon prisms (24mm - 32 mm are large enough to create this look). 14mm is smaller than a dime and simply does not create enough size impact for a similar effect. 14mm size crystals are great linked together into ropes for decorating candelabras, candle sticks, chandeliers and other event decorations, however.

Instructions to Make a Crystal Wedding Tree Like This

You can make a crystal tree of your own using less or more pieces of crystal than were used on this tree, but 24 - 28mm will be better than using 16mm. Keep in mind that much of this tree is out of view in the picture, which means much of the crystal actually on the tree is not seen in the picture. Hang your orchids (real or silk) by sewing right through the back of the orchid with an upholstery needle threaded with monofilament (fishing line) or colord yarn of your choice.

Monofilament or thin chord can be threaded right through the hole of your Swarovski crystal and hung from the tree at staggered heights.  If using monofilament, be sure to hot glue or glue the knots after they are tied, since monofilament knots tend to slip.  You can also double knot if desired.   Instructions for hanging pot votive cups can  be found at the bottom of this page.

The tree used in the picture is a tree native to the Caribbean which you will not likely find to use and we do not sell it, but our Faux Manzanita branches or your own real manzanita tree you make yourself can be decorated the same way.  You can make your own tree with real wood branches by using the step-by-step instructions on our
Crystal Tree Instructions Page.  It is a 14 page FREE e-book online which tells you everything you need to know about making centerpiece or focal trees for events or home decor.

Question: How do I  make the Crystal tree I like? 

Answer: Please read through the details of at least the Project you are interested in (before contacting us) since most questions such as which products to buy from us or elsewhere to create it, how many and what size crystals etc., are answered within each project detail. We can help you decide what you will need, but your own budget should be determined first.  You can buy a Deluxe Finished Crystal Tree as shown on our site or you can simply buy components to make a finished tree yourself.  Our instructions are fabulous.  Read the
FREE e-book here on our site for 5 different tree making techniques. 

To make an easy, silver crystal tree that can be done on multiple tables reminiscent of the famous "Crystal Tree" (Project #1) check out our new "Gilded" Manzanita Simulated Branches Trees and add far less Crystal Chains, separated into two and spread farther apart. 

You can make centerpiece sized trees using real branches (must be hard, strong branches because wimpy ones can't hold the weight of crystal).  Links to all crystal tree products and instructions  to do it yourself  are  in the left navigation bar of our site.  Our big,
Deluxe, finished, real crystal  trees (for those with who can afford it and want something really grande) are available for purchase.

Contact Us if you Need Natural Branches

Shoot us an email to including the number of trees you would like to make, the height and your event date and we will supply you with a quote. We can suppy you with natural Manzanita, Curly Willow, Dragon Wood, Grapewood and others.

All of Our Glass Crystals are Finest Quality

We sell several different types of crystals to meet any budget, all are high grade, however, you can't do better than Swarovski Lead Free crystal.  Their Strass is much heaver due to the lead they contain, so in addition the eco-friendly benefits, the Lead Free is better for hanging on trees, especially if on lighter branches that can't hold the weight of lead crystal. Lead crystal is also more brittle or fragile.  Our Swarovski, Diamante and Ethereal no lead crystals are lighter (great for hanging on branches that may not be able to support lead crystal) and less fragile.

Swarovski's crystals are so superior that they keep their  precision cutting process as a patented and highly guarded secret. Literally GUARDED by guards at their plant. Both Swarovski Lead Free crystal and Swarovski Strass crystal are considered by experts to be superior to any glass or fully leaded crystal made by any other manufacturer. 

For this reason, Swarovski crystal is the crystal of choice  found in multi-million dollar homes. We sell Swarovski and several high quality, less expensive alternatives on the
Crystal Chains Ropes page of our site.

If it's not going to sparkle, what's the point of a crystal wedding tree, right?  This is one of the reasons we wholeheartedly promote Swarovski Lead Free crystal. We sell a lovely quality Diamante' diamond cut crystal and even our own brand of Ethereal crystal because we must offer options and because some budgets can't do all Swarovski. However, although we sell both, but won't bend the truth and say any other lead free, glass or acrylic can closely compete with Swarovski. They are in a league of their own.

Experts agree that there is no other glass crystal that can even remotely compare. They simply are not on the same level. The difference is undeniable in the sparkle and the resulting rainbows created by the sparkle.

Highest  Quality Crystals are Worthy of the Cost

Why spend the extra money on the famous Swarovski brand of Premium Quality Crystals instead of acrylic plastic "crystals"? Both Preston Bailey (designer to the stars) and  the Famous Crystal Wedding Tree seen in Brides both used Swarovski Lead Free crystal for the gorgeous sparkle.

Film cannot really capture the real sparkle of fine Swarovski lead free crystal. Hold acrylic (plastic) or any other lead free crystal up to the light (or take it out in the sun) next to Swarovski lead free and you will see why for yourself. There is a distinct difference in quality and sparkle between acrylic (plastic) or low quality glass with AB coating and Swarovski Lead Free crystal which is best seen when viewed in ambient spot room lighting (shining down on the crystal tree in these pictures and up from the base) or daylight.

It makes stunning rainbows in sunlight and proper room lighting.  Why buy tons of cheapest crystal (more of it won't make it sparkle; you'll just have, simply MORE).  it's the difference between savoring a conservative serving of gourmet cuisine and gorging on mounds of low quality, cheap food.  Better to get quality crystal and less of it, than heaps and mounds of acrylic with no fire and "dead" glass with no life.

SIze Comparisons

Crystals are sold in mm (millimeter sizes) not inches.  20mm is similar to the size of a U.S. nickle and 28mm is the size of a U.S. quarter. 16mm is about the size of a dime. 14mm is significantly smaller than a dime.   Preferable to 14mm is the 16mm which is more like the size of a dime. 

The difference sounds small, but that extra adds a lot to your project.  And don't forget, a 16mm Swarovski crystal will have more sparkle than a 14mm and a 20mm will bring more sparkle than a 16mm, etc.  This is because, the larger the facets on the crystal (assuming they are exactly the same grade or quality), the better the sparkle.

16mm the Perfect  MM Size for Most Crystal Centerpiece Arrangements

16mm is also a great size for most projects (especially centerpieces), because it gives more bang for the buck.  Typically, when customers go smaller, they end up using more total chains, simply because it can take more to get the look they want.  By increasing the mm size, it looks like more. 

Meaning, 10' of 14mm does not look like as much as 10' of 16mm, so the customer tends to add more 14mm, bringing their cost up to where it would be, had they used the larger mm size.  However, 14mm chains are still a staple, are used a lot and are great on candelabras, for crystal curtains and linked together into ropes for chandeliers and other decorations.

Need to Buy Simulated Manzanita Branches, Crystal Ropes, Loose Crystal, a Finished Deluxe Crystal Wedding Tree with Lighted Weighted Base or Other Parts? Just click on the links in the left and top navigation bars to see what we have to offer.

**Beaded 32" Inch Tall Metal Tree - SINGLE - Black/Brown Mix - 5 Glass Tea-Light Cups - (size approximate; crystals not included but can be added to cart separately)
Great, economical, smaller candle tree for home decor, event centerpieces or hanging jewelry. Comes in darkest Black/Brown Mix only.  Comes with 5, screw in glass candle cups. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #BMTS32Reg. Price $49.98 $37.98 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
**Beaded 43" Inch Tall Metal Tree - SINGLE - Rustic Black/Brown Mix - 1 Tree with 7 Glass Candle Cups (size approximate; flowers & crystals not included but can be added to cart separately)

Crystals & flowers not included. Comes in Black/Brown or Silver Great, economical little candle tree for home decor, event centerpieces or hanging jewelry. (shown)  with clear, (light catching) branch tips and 7 candle cups. Paintable any color. Click image for more info.

SKU SKU #BMT43Reg. Price $58.98 $45.98 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Tree Color Below
***14mm - .55" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Long One Meter / 39" Rope
Long 1 Meter (39" Inches - 3 inches longer than a yard). AAA+++ Quality.  Can be divided anywhere to shorten. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG14OCMReg. Price $15.49 $11.99 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Connector Style & Color
14mm - .55" Ethereal Brand, Lead Free Crystal - 1 METER / 39" Rope
Extra Long  39" Inches (3" inches more  than a yard). Can be divided anywhere to shorten.  AA++ Quality. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #E14OCMReg. Price $7.98 $6.00 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Link Connector Color
*16mm - .63" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal One Foot Rope
AAA+++ Quality. Two or more ropes can hook together in seconds if you need longer lengths. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG16OCReg. Price $7.99 $6.99 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Connectors Style & Color
16mm - .63" Ethereal Brand, Lead Free Crystal - 1 METER / 39" Rope
Extra Long  39" Inches ( 3" inches more than a yard). Can be divided anywhere to shorten. AA++ Quality. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #E16OCMReg. Price $8.98 $7.00 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Link Connector Color
*20mm - .79" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal One Foot Rope
AAA+++ Quality. Two or more ropes can hook together in seconds if you need longer lengths. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG20OCReg. Price $10.98 $8.95 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Connectors Style & Color
***28mm - 1" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Loose Teardrop
AAA+++ Quality. 1" inch long crystal. Good size & lovely shape for hanging on ends of our crystal ropes.  Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG28TPPrice $1.25
Choose Option Below
20mm - .79" Ethereal Brand, Lead Free Crystal - 1 METER / 39" Rope
Extra Long  39" Inches ( 3" inches more than a yard). Can be divided anywhere to shorten. AA++ Quality.  Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #E20OCMReg. Price $11.95 $10.50 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Connector Color
*24mm - BIG .94" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal One Foot Rope (minimum order is 9 chains; please add quantity 9 or more to cart)
AAA+++ Quality. Two or more ropes can hook together in seconds if you need longer lengths. Click image for more info. Minimum order is 9 chains.
SKU SKU #SG24OCReg. Price $12.98 $10.98 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Connectors Style & Color
38mm - 1.5" Ethereal Brand Quality Lead Free Crystal Loose Teardrop
1.5" inch long crystal.  Good size & lovely shape for hanging onrope ends or alone.  Nice 2nd choice to Swarovski.  Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #E38TPReg. Price $0.99 $0.69 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
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*26mm - 1.02" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal - One Foot Rope (minimum order is 8 - please add quantity 8 or more to cart)
AAA+++ Quality. Two or more ropes can hook together in seconds if you need longer lengths. Click image for more info. Minimum order is 9 chains (9').
SKU SKU #SG26OCReg. Price $15.98 $14.98 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Connectors Style & Color
**Alternating 20mm & 16mm - .79" & .63" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal One Foot Rope
AAA+++ Quality. Two or more ropes can hook together in seconds  if you need longer lengths. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG20/16OCReg. Price $10.98 $9.98 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Bow-Ties +.35 cents. If Coil unavailable, we send Straight.
*Swarovski Crystal SAMPLE Set. 12" Chains 14, 16, 20 and 24mm + 28 and 38mm Drops - final sale
Sample Set of 1' Chains & Teardrops. If our MM size chart isn't enough (click here to see),  this set has a mix of mm sizes. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SSPLReg. Price $38.98 $36.98 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
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Ethereal Crystal SAMPLE set. 39" Inch Chains 14, 16 & 20mm + 38 & 50mm Drops
Sample Set of Chains & Teardrops. If our MM size chart isn't enough (click here to see),  this set has a mix of mm sizes. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #ESPLReg. Price $34.98 $32.98 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Link Connector Color
*Graduated 24mm - .94" to 14mm - .55" - Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal One Foot Rope
AAA+++ Quality. GRADUATED crystal sizes 24mm BIG to 14mm small. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG2414OCGReg. Price $13.98 $12.98 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Connectors Style & Color
*Graduated 24mm - .94" to 14mm - .55" - Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal 1.5 Foot Rope
AAA+++ Quality. GRADUATED sizes 24mm BIG to 14mm small. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG2414OCG2Reg. Price $20.98 $18.98 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Connectors Style & Color
*Graduated 26mm - 1.02" to 14mm - .55" - Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Two Foot Rope
AAA+++ Quality. GRADUATED sizes 26mm BIG to 14mm small. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG2614OCGReg. Price $27.96 $25.96 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
Choose Connectors Style & Color
**26mm - BIG .1.02" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Loose Octagons - 80 Pcs.
AAA+++ Quality. 2 holes for linking into chains. Sold in SETS of 80 pieces. Not sold individually. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG26OP-SETPrice $139.00
***38mm - 1.5" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Loose Teardrop
AAA+++ Quality. 1.5" inch long crystal. Good size & lovely shape for hanging on ends of our crystal ropes.  Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG38TPReg. Price $2.59 $2.25 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
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wedding decoration crystals
**30mm - 1.18" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Loose Ball
AAA+++ Quality 1.18" inch diameter crystal. 1 Large ball. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG30BPPrice $5.95
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wedding decoration crystals
**20mm - .78" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Loose Ball
AAA+++ Quality .78" inch diameter crystal. Nickle size ball for hanging on rope ends  or alone. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG20BPPrice $2.78
50mm - 2" Ethereal Brand Quality Lead Free Crystal Loose Teardrop
2" inch long crystal. Good size & lovely shape for hanging on rope ends or alone.  Nice 2nd choice to Swarovski. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #E50TPReg. Price $1.29 $1.09 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
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hanging crystals
50mm - 2" Quality Glass Lead Free Crystal Loose Teardrop
2" inch long crystal. Good size & shape for hanging on rope ends or alone.  Most economical; good quality. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #QG50TPPrice $0.62
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wedding decoration crystals
**40mm - 1.57" (GOLF BALL) Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Loose Ball
AAA+++ Quality 1.57" inch diameter crystal. XL Golf Ball size. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG40BPPrice $9.95
wedding decoration crystals
**50mm - 2" (Super Size) Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Loose Ball
AAA+++ Quality 2" inch diameter crystal. XXL size, 1/2" smaller than Tennis Ball. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG50BPPrice $14.95
**28mm - BIG 1.08" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Loose Octagons - 30 Pcs.
AAA+++ Quality.  Available with standard 2 holes. Sold in SETS of 40 pieces. Not sold individually. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG28OPPrice $35.70
**32mm - 1.25" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal 1 hole Octagons - 25 Pcs.
AAA+++ Quality.  1 hole for hanging. Great on arch, etc. Sold in SETS of 25 pieces. Not sold individually. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG32OP-SETPrice $39.75
Loop-Top Rustic Metal & Glass Hanging Candle Holder
Rustic hanging iron candle holder, with loop top for hanging. Perfect for hanging from trees or floral arrangements. Rustic Brown iron with clear glass candle holder insert. Minimum order is 10 pieces. Can hold regular tea-light or votive natural flame candles or battery powered flickering LED tea-light or votive candles. Metal hanger is paintable any color such as silver, gold, etc. Save More with bulk pricing.
SKU SKU# HCH-L-119948Reg. Price $2.50 $1.95 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
crystal tree centerpiece
**Swarovski Crystal Complete Tree Set - Includes 20' Crystal, Branches, Filler & Stand - Adjustable 4.5' - 4.75' Tall
This truly complete Crystal Tree Set creates an approximately 4.5' - 4.75' Simulated  Manzanita tree branches, finished and standing in under 5 minutes. Standard set comes with 20, one foot ropes (a 50/50 mix of 16mm' 22mm') of our fine Swarovski Lead Free crystal ropes. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SCTSReg. Price $329.95 $259.95 Sale Ends Monday 9/7!
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