Standard SINGLE - Adjustable Height 4.75' to 4' Foot Metal Tree in Rustic Brown - 1 Tree with 5 Hanging Candle Holders (flowers and crystals not included)

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Standard SINGLE - Adjustable Height 4.75' to 4' Foot Metal Tree in Rustic Brown - 1 Tree with 5 Hanging Candle Holders (flowers and crystals not included) More Details

Large, Rustic brown metal tree for decorating with flowers, crystals, etc. Flowers and crystals are not included but may be added to your cart  from our crystal chains page.  Table centerpiece tree  approx. 4.75' foot tall, 2' feet w.  Height adjusts DOWN to 4' tall if desired.   5 hanging candle holders included.    

Metal Tree & Candle Holders Available with Crystals or Without.

Decorate them for crystal wedding trees, orchid trees, focal trees, event centerpieces, event decoration, displays or home decor. Shown decorated with our fine crystals, Macora orchids in hot pink and a decorative, artificial brown vine wrapped aroung the trunk/leg. Buy with Swarovski crystals or with Ethereal crystals or just the tree alone (see inset). Click on the picure at right to see close up.

If you are making a tree that will include crystals, visit our crystal chains page for quantity ideas and add your selected crystals to your shopping cart and add the trees to the cart separately.

Can be Decorated with Crystals, Flowers, Artificial Berry Sprays, Foliage, etc.

Although we have many customers who use them as crystals and candles only, crystal trees, we think any metal tree looks even better with foliage.

Quickly Spray Paint or Hand Paint Them in Custom Colors

The standard color is rustic brown which is a natural, neutral color, perfect for attaching live or silk flowers, vines and foliage along with hanging candle holders (included) and crystals (available separately here on our site). You can custom spray paint or hand paint them in colors such as PLATINUM Silver, GOLD, ANTIQUE GOLD and METALLIC BROWN are fantastic for crystal trees with no florals.

If you have outdoor space or a garage, you can spray paint them. We suggest putting down paper or drop-cloth and then opening a large cardboard box on one side only and sitting the assembled tree inside.  Spray from the open side and turn the tree inside the box to get all sides.  This prevents over-spray and making a mess.  Trees can be sprayed in under 5 minutes. 

If you must paint inside, simply use a brush on paint that is non-toxic and gorgeous and works on metals. We prefer hand painting with aritists brushes over spray painting because there is no spray mess.

Comes with Hanging Candle Holders

The trees come with hanging candle holders, but if you are doing a candle tree only and want to fill in the gaps with candles instead of crystals, you can order more on our website. 

Hanging Candle Holders Have Been re-designed

Please note that the candle holders have been recently re-designed since some of the pictures here were taken. They were improved with a "loop" at the top which is prettier and hangs longer (better for illuminating your crystals) and neater.

4' - 4.75' Standard Reception Metal Table Tree - metal decor tree (height adjusts to approximately 4.75' tall if desired). Comes with 5 hanging candle holders. Dimensions: 4' foot tall and approximately 2' feet wide. Foot base is approximately 19" inches wide. Fits beautifully on standard round 60" or 72" 6 - 12 person or larger reception tables with plenty of room on both sides for dishware.

Also works on most long tables. Not suitable for small restaurant size 2 or 4 person tables. All dimensions are approximate*.

Foot or Base is approximately 19" inches wide. Designed as a floor standing tree due to extreme height (if on a table, it would be 10' tall when adjusted). If used as a wider table top decoration, we suggest using it at it's unadjusted height of 5' Tall. This gives the added foot of width, without the extra height.  All dimensions are approximate*. 

Use Standard Heights or Variable Heights on all Your Tables!

You aren't limited to trees all the same height. If desired, keep some of your trees at the standard 4' height and adjust some of your trees taller at 4.25', 4.5' or even 4.75' tall. For high ceilings, put them up has high as possible, for low ceiling heights, leave them down.

Super Stable Vine-like Foot Base

Super sturdy, heavy, wide base fits on any standard sized reception tall such as 60" round or 72" inch 6 - 12 person round tables with plenty of room on all sides for plates and dishes. Not suitable for small 2 or 4 person restaurant sized tables.

Breaks Down Flat for Compact Storage or Travel

Each loosely fitting branch comes out and nests within the other branches and the foot base unscrews from the trunk pole.

Branches that Can be Adjusted

Branches are loosely fitting in the pole trunk so that they can be moved around to slighly change the appearance of the finished tree.  The main center of each branch can also be carefully bent (over your knee and using two hands on either side) causing the branch to turn inward or outward near the top, which also changes the look of the tree.  Branches are not tightly fitted into the pole so that they can turn and can be easily removed. They do not fall out, but can be easily taken out without twisting.

If you don't want the branches able to twist, turn or move at all,  the branches can be tightened into their position in  the pole by using a tiny ball of museum wax, tacky wax, soft candle wax,tiny piece of tape,  florist clay on the tip of the branch end before inserting into it's place.  Use with our without the hanging candles, but candle light make everything look better, even the guests at the table!

Making a Crystal Tree?  Spend Less on the Trees & Buy Better Quality Crystals
After all, the crystals are the star of the show. Save on the framework that holds up your crystals and or flowers and buy more magic ... the sparkle. Guests will remember the exquisite decoration of the trees and the sparkle of the trees, not the framework of the trees. The stunning crystals and gorgeous flowers are what your guests will rave about for years to come.

Visit our crystal chains page for more information (and videos) on our crystals and why they deliver that magic unlike lower quality glass or acrylic plastic crystals. How to

Get the Look Shown in the Picture

For a fullness of crystals like the example tree shown above; tree shown above has approximately 45' feet of our fine quality crystals, an artificial brown vine wrapped around the trunk for decorative purposes and 20 stems of Macora Orchids .

Make your crystal wedding trees or crystal event trees with our without live or silk flowers added. The crystals are simply hanging from their top hooks, from the branches. The candle holders are simply hooked with an additional linking pin or top hook, directly to the bottom of the crystal chains.

The crystal chains on our tree are hung in 2' foot long lengths since the tree is adjusted higher than 4' tall at about 4.5' feet tall in the picture. Leave it down at 4' and you can hang shorter chains for a similar look. If you are using our XL 5' - 7' tree, you would probably also want to hang in 2' foot - 3' foot lengths if you like the look in the picture. If you want them shorter, that can be done as well. 

You can also attach them with brown florist tape. For aritificial flowers, you can even remove the flower heads and hot glue them to the branches individually. You could also use large "glue dots" which are easily removed afterwards. We also wrapped the trunk part with a brown, flexible artificial vine from foot to the top of the trunk. It is not necessary, but we liked it.

Other types of natural (dried grape vine for example) or artificial vines can also be used. If your tree will be painted a metallic color, while wrapped around the tree, you can paint the vine as well to match.

How Many Feet of Crystals We Used

We used approximately 45' feet of 16mm and 20mm Swarovski crystals on the Standard Height Tree shown.

We used the one foot lengths, hooked one to another by inserting the top hook of one into the bottom hole of the other chain (took just 1 second to do each one). The result? Quick, two foot long chains, perfect for our 4.5' tall tree. You can use our fine Swarovski crystals or our less expensive, but still fine Ethereal crystals. You can use more or less feet of crystals, depending on your taste and your budget.

Add more candle holders (sold separately), if you want to add more light for the crystals. You can hang your candle holders right up in the tree as shown in the inset picture (undecorted). However, hanging the candle holders very low and at staggered heights, helps light your crystals also at the bottom, not just at the top of the chains.

Once the crystal garlands were hung, we then took another crystals connector and put it through the metal candle hanger and hooked the hanger to the bottom of just some of the hanging crystal chains or garlands. You could also add a small piece of metal craft wire through the bottom hole of your crystal chain and use it like a twist tie at the top of the metal candle holder. This holds them even more securely. Done. Add Even

If You Want More Candle Holders

Your adjustable metal tree comes with it's own hanging candle holders, but for more candle light, simply purchase additional hanging glass candle holders. Holders can use tealights (down in the cup) or votive candles (extend higher in the cup).

Using Real or Artificial Flame Candles

If you use real candles instead of battery-powered ones such as acolyte or floralytes, be sure you check how long the candle burn-time is. You don't want to have a 5 hour event with candles that burn out in two hours. Get long burning candles or battery powered.

For more candle holders, just go back to the Adjustable Metal Trees Page of our site and add the extra hanging candle holders to your order in addition to your trees. A Tree with 12 - 24 or more hanging candles looks even more amazing and fills in the empty spaces on your branches. This is especially good if you plan to use fewer crystals or flowers.

Hanging Crystals and hanging candles only
Real Foliage or Flowers and hanging candles
Artificial Flowers or Foliage and hanging candles
Bead Sprays or Garlands and hanging candles
Berry Sprays or Garlands and hanging candles
Decor Leaves, hanging crystals and hanging candles
Decorative Butterflies or Birds, hanging crystals and hanging candles ... the possibilities are endless. 

Each tree disassembles for compact travel and storage. Visit the Crystal Chains page of our site or the Loose Crystals page of our site for our selection of fine glass crystals to add to your trees.

Can You Get Your Trees Elsewhere Cheaper? No.

You can't get them cheaper anywhere else.  You are Getting them Wholesale. We are the Manufacturer. These lovely trees are completely handmade by our talented artisans in our factory. They are not available anywhere else as they are our own design and we are the manufacturer so you are getting them at the best price.

Candle Safety

As with any candles, be sure to observe common candle safety practices. Do not leave candles unattended. Do not place flammable objects such as silk flowers close to flames. Be sure your tree is assembled properly and screwed together tightly.

Helpful Tips Once You Get Them

Each tree is  handmade by skilled artisans which means they vary a bit. You will need this tip no matter what metal tree you got, no matter where you got it;   Once set up, if your tree does not look straight, simply hold the base down while you pull or lean on the trunk, pushing in the opposite direction to straighten out.  Re-tighten the pole to the foot as tight as you can. Not screwing the foot on extra tight is the root cause of most leaning.

These two tips have solved every leaning issue we have ever heard of.  In the first full year of selling this item, only one order of this tree was returned for any reason (and that order hadn't even been opened or received by the customer!).  We stand behind our product.

If any parts arrive broken in shipping (extremely rare) they are replaced at our expense by emailing us within 24 hours of delivery. 
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