Decorate them With or Without Flowers and Our Finest Crystals

Our  Adjustable Height Metal Tree (shown decorated with crystals and flowers at left) in the Standard 4' - 4.75' size is a fantastic size candle tree for any event using 48" or larger round or square tables such as standard 60" or 72" inch rounds. 

These are our own design, manufactured by Ethereal Decor so you get a much more substantial tree, with superior quality at a fantastic price for full sized table trees.  These Adjustable Height Metal Candle Trees make nice tall arrangements that are above the heads of the guests at your tables. 

We also have these in a New Smaller 3' Tall non-adjustable version and also a Tall 7' version with a full 3' branch canopy, designed for placing beside an altar, along a walk-way, beside a head table or anywhere you need a floor tree, tall enough for people to stand next to.  Decorate these metal trees with crystals, flowers or both. These are the best choice especially for Event Planners and Florists who need a rugged, durable tree for re-using over and over for many events.

Metal-Tree-red-wedding-adju.jpgThey make stunning, full size crystal wedding trees for an amazing overall effect in the room.  You will find both the new  smaller 3'  non-
Adjustable Height Metal Tree and our New Adjustable Height Metal Trees at the bottom of this page. 

Choose the size that meets your needs.  For smaller tables under 48" inches wide or for more intimate events, consider the 3' foot (35" inch) version of this tree.

For standard 8 to 12 person sized tables, consider the Standard 4' foot - to 4.75' Metal Tree size shown in the pictures at left, decorated with pink orchids and fine crystals.

We also sell additional candle holders if you want to do a straight candle tree with crystals. Although the trees come with beautiful hanging candle holders, adding more will illuminate your crystals even more and can also be used to fill in the gaps if you plan to hang less crystals or no crystals.

The Adjustable Metal Trees (Standard and XL sizes) and the new 3' (35") version of this tree are made completely differantly from the Beaded  3' tree and the Beaded 4' trees described below:  they are bigger, more sturdy, more substantial and all have hanging candle holders instead of screw ins and make a more stunning presentation. 

metal manzanita crystal tree with candlesBeaded 3' & 4' Metal Trees

Great, economical little metal Manzanita trees for home decor, event centerpieces or hanging jewelry.  

These ornament trees come in a two-tone darkest brown with clear, (light catching) beads on some of the branch tips.

The beaded 3'  iron tree shown at left was spray painted all over, including the clear end tips. 

Use these metal trees as candle trees with no crystals at all or hang with our Ethereal Brand crystal chains, Swarovski crystal 1' chains.  These lovely metal centerpiece trees are paintable any color such as White, Gold, Brown or Silver.  

Best of all, these metal crystal wedding trees are small enough (and affordable enough) to give as home decor gifts after the event.  Each tree is handmade by talented artisans.  Height is approximately 3' tall. 

Sold only in Sets of 2 handmade iron trees.

Note:  If you need only 20 trees, order only 10 sets of 2 trees and you will receive a total of 20 metal trees.

Each metal manzanita tree comes with several little glass candle cups that are staggered in height and lean a little in different directions for interest.  Cups hold  tealights (fit perfectly in the cup) or votives (stick out of the cup).  Parts screw together in minutes.  Disassembles for compact travel and storage. They are shown with some of our crystal ropes for demonstration purposes only.  Add our Ethereal Crystal chains to your cart separately if desired.

Beaded Trees are Small Enough and Affordable Enough to Give Away.

One of the nice things about these smaller centerpiece or table decor trees  is that unlike bigger trees, they are small enough to carry without taking apart, are not cumbersome for special guests to take home.  In addition, they are economical enough to actually give away as gifts to special people at the event. 

For wedding centerpieces, the bride can give one to each bridesmaid, mothers of the bride and groom and other special guests as a keepsake.  Each wedding tree is  perfectly sized, inexpensive metal trees to be used as jewelry trees or home decor candle trees.  

Fine Glass Crystals are Not Included, but Available on our Site

Visit the Crystal Chains page of our site or the Loose Crystals page of our site for our selection of fine glass crystals to add to your trees.
**Beaded 32" Inch Tall Metal Tree - SINGLE - Black/Brown Mix - 5 Glass Tea-Light Cups - (size approximate; crystals not included but can be added to cart separately)
Great, economical, smaller candle tree for home decor, event centerpieces or hanging jewelry. Comes in darkest Black/Brown Mix only.  Comes with 5, screw in glass candle cups. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #BMTS32Reg. Price $49.98 $37.98 Sale Ends Monday 10/12!
gold metal candle tree
**Replacement Clear Glass Cups for Metal Trees - Set of 2 Cups (Tree not included; screw in glass candle holders)
Replacement Glass Cups for the 3' foot tall metal trees. Each clear glass cup has a scalloped top edge. Center hole in cup will hold tea-light candles or votive candles. These are not hanging candle holders, but the special screw in type used only on the 3' or 4' metal tree. This is not replacement glass for our Adjustable Height Metal Trees.   
Price $1.37 - $1.75 Per Cup (sold only in sets of 2 cups).
SKU SKU #GCSPrice $3.75
**Beaded 43" Inch Tall Metal Tree - SINGLE - Rustic Black/Brown Mix - 1 Tree with 7 Glass Candle Cups (size approximate; flowers & crystals not included but can be added to cart separately)

Crystals & flowers not included. Comes in Black/Brown or Silver Great, economical little candle tree for home decor, event centerpieces or hanging jewelry. (shown)  with clear, (light catching) branch tips and 7 candle cups. Paintable any color. Click image for more info.

SKU SKU #BMT43Reg. Price $58.98 $45.98 Sale Ends Monday 10/12!
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Metal Centerpiece Tree Decorating Tips:

Use these Manzanita Centerpiece trees undecorated as candle trees or add some "bling" by hanging each metal tree evenly with some of our fine crystal ropes or loose crystals on decorative trim or ribbon. They make wonderful favor gifts, serving as gorgeous suncatchers to hang in a window, ushering in beautiful rainbows from sun-up until sun-down.

How to Make a Crystal Tree

With both the 3' metal trees and the 4' metal trees, hang your crystal decorations on each tree evenly; meaning, if you hang 5 crystal chains on one side, hang a similar amount on the other side, alternating back and forth from side to side as you hang your decorations. Although both are great, our preference is actually the 3' tree because hanging from any lower tree height is the most stable of all. With potted trees using a planter type base, however, even super tall heights are just as stable as low heights.

Adding Traditional Floral Arrangements on Top of  Metal Tree "Foot"

Flower arrangements can also be placed around the base or foot portion of iron trees, just as with natural wood trees. Use florist foam bricks around or actually on top of the foot of the tree and wrapped with standard florist chicken wire (for holding your live flowers and securing the foam). Insert your flower stems until the foam blocks are completely covered.

If using silk flowers, of course, you would substitute styrofoam blocks for inserting your flower stems into. You can also tuck a few blooms up into the higher tree branches or on any branch far from the candle flames. As with any candles, use proper candle safety precautions and do not leave candles unattended or unsupervised.

"Planting" Metal Trees in Pots or Containers

These trees also work wonderfully if placed inside a container or planter of suitable size.  It can be done almost the same way that it is commonly done with natural branches or trees.  The inside of the container can even be weighted if desired, by a small layer of rocks or a brick or two from the hardware store or a garden center.  Fill the rest of the container with lighteweight styrofoam, newspaper or something else and cover the top with standard green sheet moss for a natural look.  If you plan to spray paint your metal trees metallic colors like silver or gold, you can also do a light spray on the sheet moss so that it matches the tree, but still looks "mossy". 

If you don't plan to use sheet moss on the top of the container or base, you can leave a few inches of the pot, planter or container empty, and use the space to insert styrofoam or florist foam for inserting silk or live flowers around the base of each of your  trees.
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