manzanita trees and branchesIf you plan to make your own Manzanita Tree centerpieces, Branch Centerpiece, Wish Tree or Crystal Wedding Tree, we are a great source to buy your decorative branches from. 

Whether you need big or small,  a few or many, natural wood Manzanita Branches, large Manzanita trees or other popular decorative  branches such as Curly Willow, Bich Branches, etc., give us a call or shoot us an email with your quantity and shipping address. We will provide you with a quote.  You can reach us at 

We can supply you with Manzanita (natural or sandblasted), Curly Willow, Birch, Grapewood and more.

If you are making more than one crystal tree, wish tree, money tree or many centerpieces, in most cases, you can work with just about any branches, regardless of shape.  We say this because if you are not doing one critical tree, then  If you get a weird branch, you can simply pair it with a branch that compliments it or fills it in where it's too flat or too crooked and the two or three together can make a lovely centerpiece.  You can even take one large branch, say a 5' branch for example, use bolt cutters or claw-jawed tree pruners (sbout $12 from a hardware store) and cut off strategic side branches and make more than one smaller centerpiece from that one original larger branch. 

If you need a nice 10' Manzanita tree that is nice and full and rounded and semi-straight instead of sweeping wildly to the left or right, they have the ability to hand pick if necessary.  There may be an extra charge if you must be very specific (within reason), but at least you will get a tree that was picked with deliberation and your specific needs in mind. 

Keep in mind however, that no one can get exact when it comes to natural wood products made by nature.  Unlike trees that are carbon copy replicas off an assembly line, there is true beauty in natural trees.  The beauty is in the one of a kind uniqueness and bonsai-like creativity of each tree.  No one will have ever seen your trees at another event.  Each tree is one of a kind.

Use our special free e-book found here on our website for detailed instructions on how to make your own crystal tree, crystal wedding tree, manzanita tree centerpieces, wish trees, jewelry trees, money trees and more.  In it, you will find multiple, quick and easy methods to make your own trees without using Plaster of Paris and without concrete and it's much quicker, with no mixing or waiting long periods to harden.  Our detailed how to instructions combined with our fine crystals (wonderful for hanging on the tree branches) make home made centerpieces (even those made by the rank amateur)  look spectacular.

*20mm - .79" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal One Foot Rope
AAA+++ Quality. Two or more ropes can hook together in seconds if you need longer lengths. Click image for more info.
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***14mm - .55" Swarovski Premium Lead Free Crystal Loose Octagons - 300 Pcs.
AAA+++ Quality. "Scatter" size crystals (tiny holes). Sold in SETS of 300. Not sold individually. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #SG14OP-SETPrice $80.00
hanging crystals
38mm - 1.5" Quality Glass Lead Free Crystal Loose Teardrop
1.5" inch long crystal. Good size & lovely shape for hanging on rope ends or alone.  Most economical; good quality. Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #QG38TPReg. Price $0.89 $0.59 Sale Ends Monday 8/31!
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20mm - .79" Ethereal Brand, Lead Free Crystal - 1 METER / 39" Rope
Extra Long  39" Inches ( 3" inches more than a yard). Can be divided anywhere to shorten. AA++ Quality.  Click image for more info.
SKU SKU #E20OCMReg. Price $11.95 $10.50 Sale Ends Monday 8/31!
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