We specialize in and offer the best pricing on custom length Swarovski crystal strands for curtains, backdrops, walls, room dividers and other home decor and architectural installations. Custom lengths must be at least 5' feet long.

Pricing is typically 20% - 30% more than on our standard length chains found on our Crystal Chains & decorations page so please go to that page if you need shorter or common lengths for wedding centerpieces, crystal trees, chandeliers, etc. The additional cost on the custom, extra long length Swarovski crystal chains is due to the additional production costs and greatly increased time necessary on custom length, super long lengths.

From 5' foot long and up, we can do it and in various mm sizes.  Our standard crystal chains were featured on Platinum Weddings TV show and now among other big name clients, our crystal chains were most recently the choice for the largest Christian Broadcast station in the U.S., TBN when they designed their new theatre at the Holy Land Experience in Orlando Florida. The spectacular design used over 7000 feet of our Swarovski crystal chains. WOW!

Swarorvski Lead Free Crystals - Feel the Amazing Sparkle
Our tree in the video directly above, is actually a huge 7' tall Manzanita tree painted in a lighted base and finished in silver.  It is covered with 250' feet of fine Swarovski crystals in 16mm medium sized and 24mm large sized lead free glass crystals with our standard straight connectors.

When it comes to Swarovski fine crystals, the arger mm size means larger facets, larger flashes of light and larger rainbows! Mix in some big ones if you can ... you'll have to  pick your jaw up off the floor! This video was not photographed with any special lighting design, just a simple downlight done by an amateur that works for us. All we did was turn on the light and the camera. As with all of our videos, the sparkle is all natural ... no additives!

How to Get a Quote for Your Custom Crystal Strands or Curtains

Just email us the length of Swarovski crystal chains that you need for your design and how many chains you need of that length for a custom quote.  Please note, that custom quotes are only for large installations needing chains LONGER than 5' feet long and more than 50 chains.  For shorter chains and smaller quantities, please purchase the Swarovski crystals in 1' foot (12" inch) lengths from our Crystal Chains and Decorations Page. The 1' foot chains can be adjusted to 2', 3' or any length you choose by hooking or connecting one chain to another (simple).
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