silver branches and  hanging crystals
BACK!   BIGGER & BADDER THAN EVER!  These fantastic Simulated or Artificial Manzanita Branches were previously 4.5' and are back in a 5' tall version.  These are absolutely the best, most sturdy, strongest simulated manzanita branches you will find anywhere.  No wimpy branches here.  Looks very much like real, painted branches.  Absolutely strong enough to hold crystals and other items.  They can create beautiful centerpiece trees for your next event.  For a lovely crystal tree with more fullness, we suggest simply securing  two or more of them together as shown at left and hang with crystal ropes. 

We have seen arrangements done using just one branch, especially if it incorporated into the center of a floral arrangement and hung with crystals.

The tree shown at left was secured in a glass vase filled with crushed decor glass which has been removed from the photograph.

To get yours standing easily, you can simply secure them in a suitable tall glass cylinder or vase filled with colored sand, pebbles, glass stones, etc. or consider planting them in a low container, pot or planter using concrete, rocks, (some people use Plaster of Paris but we don't recommend; It has serious health warnings on the box), or acrylic water which is a liquid that hardens into a clear solid (found in craft stores).

These branches can also be used with only one branch if you plan to do a regular floral arrangement at the base with the branch in the center.  They look beautiful with a container based arrangement, a few flowers up in the branches and a few ropes of crystals draped across or hanging down from the branches.

When arranging two or more branches together, we recommend raising one branch up higher than the other and securing the two together.  This makes for a much more aesthetically pleasing arrangement than  using them placed at the same height as shown directly above. 

artificial manzanita branches centerpeice treeThe picture here shows two branches arranged differently, spray painted silver with two cream colored live flower pomander balls up in the branches. Some crystal ropes have been added, but please note that on this tree, these are not our any of the 3 varieties of fine crystal ropes from Ethereal Decor.  They are some other (lower quality) variety. And look, CANDLES hanging in a safe manner from simulated branches! No disastrous fires in sight.  

If using hanging candles, just use your noodle and hang them away from the branches, without fire licking high out of the glass cup where it can touch your simulated or wood branches.

For More Real Life Events Using Our Branches, Visit
Visit the website and click on the "Gallery" link, and then click on the "Centerpieces" link and watch the slide show.  You will see several events using our Gold Branches and our SIlver Branches purchased from us. 

They have purchased about 200 branches total from us on two separate occassions in 2008.  The crystals they used, however are not from us.  Please note that this event planner does not want other planners to know his source though.


If ordering, please add it to the shopping cart and change the quantity to 4 or more.  Orders for less cannot be processed since this is a special order item.  
Note:  this item sells out often and has sometimes taken us 3 - 6 months to make available again.  Up until 9/24/09 it was previously sold out online in all colors, indefinitely. If you need many for a specific event, we sugget you get them while they are not on such indefinite sold out status.
big artificial manzanita branch gold
**60" Inch Simulated Manzanita 1 Branch - NEW Bigger Size! Approx. 5' Tall - Special Order
NEW Taller Size! Was 4.5' now approximately 5' Tall!  Trunk can be cut down (with bolt cutters) if you love the width, but want them shorter.   Absolutely the finest simulated manzanita branches (and the biggest) available anywhere.   Big enough and STRONG enough (unlike most) to hold crystals and heavier items with ease.  Easier to work with than real manzanita branches.  Predictable shape with ability to be hand adjusted.  Stores compact.  Use them over and over  to create crystal tree centerpieces or to add to a floral arragement.  THESE BRANCHES ARE CURRENTLY SPECIAL ORDER; allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery.  Order Must be a minimum of 4 branches which equals one case. Comes in Brown, Gold or Black (can be re-painted any color.  Picture shows Gold, however, See drop-down menu when adding to cart for current colors available. 
SKU SKU #SMB60GPrice $49.95
Choose Color (all coloea are re-paintable)
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