Question: Why is Lead Free Crystal the Safest, Smartest Choice?
Answer: Lead Free crystal does not contain harmful lead. When crystals containing lead are made and when they are pinned, a microscopic dust is formed. This dust rests on the crystals, gets on the hands and in the air where it is also inhaled. Lead is known to cause LEAD POISONING, neurological problems of many kinds and even reproductive harm and birth defects. This is why it is not wise to have small children in rooms with peeling paint (contains lead)  which they can ingest. For the same reason, if you choose to subject yourself to the lead exposure, DO NOT allow your kids around if you are connecting LEAD CRYSTAL chains.

Don't believe us and don't believe those who want to sell it to you.  Believe the legislation and your own intellect.  Google Search "Proposition 65" and the word "lead" and click on some of the links regarding this legislation and lead crystal products.   In addition to the lead that is in them, lead crystals that have been connected with metal pieces, cause a grinding-off which creates fine lead particles or lead dust that sits on the crystals after manufacturing.  If you connect crystals or insert metal through the holes, you are creating this fine lead dust. 

Now Google Search the effects of lead in the body.  Now decide it this is a "scare tactic" or worth considering.  Why else would we not sell it?  For this reason, we no longer handle or sell loose lead crystals or lead crystal ropes, including loose Strass lead crystals. We sell only LEAD FREE crystal chains and pieces.

Question:  How Can I Test for Myself to See if This is True?
Answer:  Still don't believe harmful lead comes off the crystals? Ok, let's start with this; if the crystals were sold to you as "leaded", "fully leaded", "24% lead"  etc., then you know they contain LOTS of lead to make them sparkle. If you grind something, logically, what comes off is obviously just small particles of the substance in the original, unground piece.

If you're a risk taker, get some lead crystals and insert linking pins (connecting crystal chains) over a dark cloth. Before long, you will see "sparkle" happening on the cloth. These are small FULL LEAD (or high lead content) glass particles or dust. Sometimes you can actually SEE the white looking dust in the air while pinning.

Question:  How Can LEADED Crystal Cause Health Problems?
Answer: Lead particles end up on your hands to end up in yours or someone else's mouth and being carried around the house on your feet from the floor to your bed, etc. Tinier particles that you can or cannot see are now in the air around you and you are inhaling them. Making crystal chains or ropes takes many hours, even days or weeks which means you will be inhaling it for a minimum of a few hours and it will circulate in your home, on your carpet and via your air conditioning system for months. You can't avoid lead in everything, but you can certainly avoid it in an activity that takes hours, days or weeks of exposure. You can also avoid it in your crystal ropes. Lead Free crystal is the smart choice and Swarovski Lead Free is the gorgeous, smart choice.

Question: Why do Pros, Brides Mag & Sandals Choose Swarovski Lead Free?
Answer: Because it's the best value and best sparkle combined into one. Swarovski Strass Full Lead crystal is lovely of course, but costs more (when in decent sizes above 14mm). Swarovski Lead Free makes stunning rainbows, just like it's sister Strass since it is made the same way and by the same famous company, with the same secret patented process.

When hung together side by side, top manufacturers agree, it is virtually impossible to distinguish Swarovski Lead Free from Swarovski Strass. The "Famous Crystal Tree" (project #1) as seen in Bride's Magazine (and on numerous websites since) used predominately Swarovski Lead Free, according to the actual designer of the tree itself. Sandal's Resorts uses it in it's Preston Bailey Crystal wedding decoration packages. Why? Because of the amazing sparkle and rainbows they make when light hits them. Other lead free crystals simply don't do it on the same level. It's why Swarovski is known world over as the best crystal in the world.

Question: Why are 1 Foot Crystal Ropes Better than longer 1 Yard Ropes? 
Answer: Because it's better to start shorter and hook 2 or 3 chains into longer lengths than to separate a yard long length into shorter lengths. Taking out an already closed, bent pin can often chip or damage the crystals, whereas inserting a new, unbent pin, does not. This means 1' ropes are better for any application.  It is easier to customize your chain lengths.

If hanging crystal ropes over tree branches, 1' ropes are better to use since you can adjust the length easily for a custom length.  If looping yard long chains over a branch, at the top where the crystal chain must bend in order to hang down the other side, you have a crystal laying on the top of the branch.  In addition, doubling over causes crystals to be facing one way on one side and facing the other way on the way down.  This is especially bad if your chains or ropes use bow-tie connectors which look far different from the front than from the back.  You want the front of the bow-tie facing OUT, not in.  This means you would have to actually separate the 3' or 1 yard rope into two in order to have the crystals all facing the right way. 

If you are using crystals that are pointed on the back and flat on the front (diamond shaped), this is also not good.  The crystals on one side would look fine and once looped over, coming down the back, they would be backwards.  Diamond cut crystals are supposed to be used with the flat side out and the point in, funneling the light up and out through the flat front of the crystal. Better to hang each chain straight down.  Use either one, 1' rope or hook two together in 1 second and you have a two foot rope; perfect for 6' and even 7' trees as you see on our  huge 7' foot tree with thousands of crystals at the top of this page.

Question: Can I Adjust Them?
Answer: Hooking together 2 or more of our 1 foot ropes into a 2 foot, 1 yard or longer 1 meter rope is not usually necessary, but if you want to, it takes only seconds since each rope has an extra connector at the top and an empty hole at the bottom.

Question: How do 1 Foot Ropes Stretch a Budget?
Answer: 1 foot ropes stretch your crystal over a greater surface. Longer ropes hang unnecessarily low, so you'll need more of them to cover the same square footage or to cover the same tree. If using on a tree, unless your tree is more than 6 feet tall, you will have to loop a yard long chain over the branch (like two chains) anyway. That is what was done on the famous "Crystal Tree" from Bride's magazine. The branches are at all different heights, meaning yard long ropes would actually be dragging on the table if not looped over the branches, hanging down the other side like a second chain. 1 foot or 2 foot ropes don't need to be looped over the branch and therefore hang neater.

Question: Why are Clear Crystals Better than Colored Crystals
Answer: Because clear crystals sparkle better. The same is true with diamonds. Color actually makes the crystals look darker and dulls down the sparkle and rainbows. This is why the finest chandeliers are always in CLEAR, not colors. We suggest adding your color elswhere in the decor, such as ribbon, table cloths, flowers, etc. and keep the most sparkle with CLEAR crystals.

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