buy metal trees to decorate with flowers and crystals
Available with crystals or without.  Decorate them for crystal wedding trees,  orchid trees, focal trees, event centerpieces, event decoration, displays or home decor.
The metal centerpiece tree shown at left is our 4' tall version which is adjusted slightly upwards, to about 4.25' feet tall.  It can adjust all the way up to at least 4.75' feet tall. 

It is shown decorated with our fine crystals,  pink Calypso Macora orchids in hot pink and a decorative brown vine wrapped around the trunk/leg. Decorate them with flowers and crystals or all candle holders and crystals. 

This size tree fits beautifully on standard round or square 48", 60" inch, 72" inch and larger reception tables.  Here, it is shown on a smaller, 48" inch square reception table.  Buy with Swarovski crystals or with Ethereal crystals or just the tree alone (see inset).

No Waiting Months for Trees that MIGHT Show Up in Time for Your Event

Our adjustable height metal trees are in stock right now.  All we have to do is process your order, pack it and ship. We are the manufacturer of these trees made by our factory.  When we are running low, we make more so that we don't run out.

metal-crystal-tree-decorati.jpgAvailable in Two Sizes

Standard Table Top Tree and XL Floor Tree.

4' - 4.75' Standard Reception Table Tree

4' foot tall and approximately 2' feet wide at tip (height adjusts to approximately 4.75' tall if desired).   Comes with 7 hanging candle holders.

The decorated tree shown here is the Standard, Table size tree.  The undecorated tree shown in the "inset" photo, shows the XL Floor version of the same tree, before it is adjusted up to it's full 7' tall.

5' - 7' Extra Large Floor Tree

5' foot tall and approximately 3' feet wide (adjusts to approximately 7' tall) for a perfect aisle or altar tree; use anywhere people will be standing and you need the trees to be over head.  For table top decorations, choose our standard tree. Comes with 9 hanging candle holders.

Use Standard Heights or Variable Heights on all Your Tables!

You aren't limited to trees all the same height.  If desired, keep some of your trees at the standard 4' height and adjust some of your trees taller at 4.25', 4.5' or even 4.75' tall. For high ceilings, put them up has high as possible, for low ceiling heights, leave them down. Click on product "More Info" buttons below for more information and prices.

Add Even More Candle Holders

Everything looks better by candle light ... even the guests at the table!  Add more if you plan to do an "all candles" tree, to fill in the gaps or Add more for better lighting of your crystals.  You can purchase more to go with your trees. 

Lightest Weight Hanging Candles

We use the lightest weight and smallest tealight and votive holder available anywhere.  Perfect for hanging on more delicate natural tree branches and avoids that "clunky" look that comes from using hanging candles that are simply too big for the tree.  The low weight also allows you to hang candles directly from your crystal  chains if desired.  You can also hang them at staggered heights this way.  

Hanging them low like this, adds light at various points of your crystal chains, not just at the top of the chains as with hanging candles directly from the branches.  To do this, see the more information pages for the trees below for more details on how we did it. Just click on the "more information" buttons.

Need a Differant Tree Color? Spray Paint Them

Spray paint them Silver, Gold, White in minutes. Set all your trees outdoors  with some newspaper or cardboard  in a row and spray the lot in less than an hour.  First adjust the poles to the desired height before spray painting.  If you must do in a garage or place where you can't get over-spray, get a tall cardboard box, open it up in the front and set one tree inside.  Spray inside the box and the box catches all the over spray.  Turn the tree inside the box to get to the next side. Keep turning until fully sprayed.

Our Trees  are Also Made for Easy, Indoor Hand-Painting  in 5 Minutes 

Save money on our custom finishing and paint them yourself.  With our technique, it can be done quickly and without a mess.  Spray paint them if you wish and if you have outdoor or garage space to do it in.  That's the fastest way, but If you don't have outdoor space, we have the most fantastic, non-toxic metal paint available anywhere.  It brushes on easy with a handled sponge brush or regular paint brush. It sticks to metal or wood, unlike most jar paints which won't stick to metal. Typically, spray paint is used on metals and spray paint is used for metallic colors.  It is more rare to find a metallic, no aerosol jar paint that sticks to metals.

Because each tree is made up of  branches that are all relatively thick (no skinny wiry branches which ultimately break off over time and are difficult to hand paint since there are so many), you can paint quickly in large sweeps with a large brush.  This allows you to paint fast.  Set the tree up in 3 minutes.  Leave it adjusted down at 4' to start.  This allows you to reach and paint the upper side of the branches.  Open the jar and start wiping across all surfaces.  Paint the top side of branches and then the undersides.  Adjust the tree up to extended height and paint the trunk and foot. 

This luxurious decor paint has gorgeous finishes and requires only one coat!   Our paint dries super fast and gives a beautiful pearlescent metallic finish in a variety of colors.  It comes in almost any color you can imagine and the metallics are wonderful.  Platinum (Bright Silver), Silver (Dark Silver), Antigue Gold (Dark Gold) and many others.  We sell it in 6 oz jars or in larger containers.

Only a small 6 oz. jar (about the size of 1/3 of a can of spray paint) can cover about 6 trees!  We set up one of our Standard trees and used a sponge brush (sponge with a handle) and finished the entire tree in about 5 minutes!  Touch up took another few minutes.  We will be putting up a video of us doing just that so you can see for yourself how quick it was.

Doing indoors also allows it to be done any time of year.  If you need some, ask us about buying some.  
Loop-Top Rustic Metal & Glass Hanging Candle Holder
Rustic hanging iron candle holder, with loop top for hanging. Perfect for hanging from trees or floral arrangements. Rustic Brown iron with clear glass candle holder insert. Minimum order is 10 pieces. Can hold regular tea-light or votive natural flame candles or battery powered flickering LED tea-light or votive candles. Metal hanger is paintable any color such as silver, gold, etc. Save More with bulk pricing.
SKU SKU# HCH-L-119948Reg. Price $2.50 $1.95 Sale Ends Monday 9/28!
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